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#Trying to Make It Through….#Alliwantis


For the week to be over!  It’s Wednesday.  Do you think I’m right on how you felt on Monday and Tuesday?!  This is definitely for those of us who have a 7-6 (putting in OT to get ahead of the game), a crazy professor, a raggedy boyfriend and an unappreciative manager.  And you can’t seem to understand why in the hell you are enduring the crap. 

Wednesday – CONFUSED

Cause you just don’t know whether to still be Mad or Happy that it’s the middle of the week. The jury is still out on that one.  Usually as you start making plans for Happy Hour on Thursday or Going out on Friday, or Hanging out on Saturday, you begin to come around and feel a little better.  Or you sway back to angry because you have to hang with the crazy in-laws, go grocery shopping or work on the weekend.

Thursday – DEVIOUS

Cause you know you’re about to get into something.  Either you’re about to kick someone in their teeth or stab them with a pencil at the job OR you can’t wait to get out there tonight and get a drank.  Yeah, I said DRANK (not drink).  My grown and sexy females get this! Either way you ain’t right…LOL  Just keep it classy 🙂

Stay tuned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s emotions.  I’m thinking you are feelin’ me on this one.  Hang in there! Life gets better  and when it’s your time to shine, you’ll rise on queue. 

LAUGH About It….Because sometimes you just got to!

Keysharion “KeKe” Parker


#Trying to Get through the Week…#ICantGoADayWithout..


Constantly thinking about Friday and the tortuous 4 day journey to get to it!  What about you?  Monday’s are the worst and you just wake up mad because you had Sunday anxiety all day yesterday…..It creeps down in your soul and makes our attitude just funky knowing you have to get up and endure another week at work.  Anybody out there feeling me on this one?  My girl sent me this email and I thought it was hilarious…The perfect depiction of how the week goes! 

Monday – HATRED

Oh the joy of waking up to a new day and it’s Monday.  The dreaded of all days that signify the beginning of a long drawn out week.  Gotta deal with raggedy people on your job, at the stores, in traffic and at your kid’s school.  This is the day you have road rage the most and everyone drives slow because you are late for work.   Happy Freakin’ Monday!

Tuesday – TIRED

Well, it’s a little better today.  You survived Monday and you basically feel like you are about to wake up from the mental slumber you’ve been in.  You brain starts functioning and you don’t take everything so freakin’ seriously because they are not on your last nerve like on Monday.  Hang in there!  Hump day is around the corner.

We’ll hit you back on Wednesday with the how the rest of the week shapes up!

LAUGH About It….and Try to Make it through the Week 🙂  It’s not sooooo bad!

Keysharion “KeKe” Parker


#Trying to be on Princess Status…#Diana ‘s #Style


Remembering Princess Diana

Princess Diana would have been 50 today!  What better way to celebrate than honoring her presence.  She is revered as the People’s Princess and loved as a role model, activist, and style icon worldwide. From her wedding gown to her little black dresses, her style continues to inspire Fashion today.
Check out our style post showing Diana’s Simple Elegance coupled with TryingTwenties’ Accessories
It’s great for your budget and 
Pretty Enough for a Princess!


 We love you, Diana!
LIVE Life and Be Princess Pretty!
Aerika Eshelle

Trying to Be #Trendy in #Houston


Trend Alert: Houston we have Fedoras!

They were all the buzz this weekend when I visited San Fran, but I noticed we are just getting the trend in Houston.  Well, where can I get one? I recently bought mine from a Shecky’s Event in Houston and the vendor happened to be from California.  So I jumped on my Store Manager, Angela, to order the stylish hats for the Summer.  Don’t you love me? 

Now you can get your Official Hatter Company Fedoras online.  They are only $25 bucks plus shipping and handling.  They are super cute and come in a few different colors to match every wardrobe.  Be sure to get yours today as we only have a limited supply in stock.  I even bought an ivory colored one and a brown one….LOL  Gettin’ high off my own supply, I guess! 

Polyvore can’t get enough of menswear-inspired staples, either. So it’s no surprise that the Fedora was featured on their site! It’s a great accessory that can work for any season with enough versatility to make any outfit super stylish. Check out Z-tHBoH’s suggestions on how to rock the fedora and have fun working it into your own look.
Trust me!  You can be Fabulous, Flirty and Fun with these looks.  Combine your style today with a Fedora and Handbag from our store.  Shop online at or on
LIVE Life….Do your Thang! The Sidewalk is your Runway! 
Aerika Eshelle

Trying to #DoBigThings…


Can you even remember what you were doing at the age of 17? How about 21 or even 25? I know I wasn’t circumnavigating the world. I hadn’t even been overseas yet. Check out this amazing and inspiring story of a young lady who has yet to even reach her TryingTwenties. We can learn a thing or two from the the younger generation. Like Trying Something New and Not just Trying to achieve our dreams, but actually setting out a plan and doing it. I will take the lesson and set out to see more of the world this year and will attempt to build my own business to to a formidable place that will provide me freedom from Corporate America….LOL

Small potatoes, but I will reach my dream. How about you?

LIVE Life…and See the World

Angel Elexa
Excerpt from 5 Modern Day Adventurers
by Bryan Schatz on March 31, 2011

Jessica Watson – Circumnavigator
Jessica Watson was eleven years old when she first heard the story of Jesse Martin, the 18-year old who, in 1999, became the youngest person to complete a non-stop, solo circumnavigation of the globe. The story stuck with her, and by the time she was thirteen she informed her parents that she intended to do the same thing. Watson’s trip was controversial before it even began, with many critics fuming over the debate of “how young is too young?” She was too inexperienced, too immature, and far too young to endeavor into something so dangerous, they claimed. To add fuel to their fire, during a sea trial, her sailboat, Ella’s Pink Lady, collided with a 63-ton, 738-foot bulk carrier, which resulted in a broken mast that she had to tend to before her official launch. Having dealt with the problem successfully and with confidence, she later wrote that, “Any doubts about whether I could cope mentally…vanished.” It wasn’t all smooth sailing after that first collision either; she experienced a “ferocious” Atlantic storm “with 4 knockdowns in one night…winds over 75 knots and waves of 15 meters and higher.” Nevertheless, On March 15, 2010, after sailing for 210 days straight, Jessica Watson became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world–solo, unassisted, and non-stop. She completed her circumnavigation when she landed in Sydney Harbor three days before her seventeenth birthday. Yeah, she did this at the age of sixteen. Since returning, a documentary film has been made about her voyage, and she has written a book titled True Spirit.


Trying to Find Peace with Situations….


Here’s a daily blog I subscribe to that tends to uplift me in my moments of doubt and worry. This young man is very knowledgable and in touch with feelings and emotions and wants you to know that you are loved and can be at peace with life and it’s crazy circumstances. You just have to choose to do so. The choice is often the hard part, because it’s just plain easier to blame circumstance and be angry at the situation.

Let’s try to live above life’s drama and find the beauty in perfect timing and peace. Better said than done, huh?

LIVE Life…and don’t kill yourself with stress!

Angel Elexa

My name is Mastin Kipp & I am the Founder of The Daily Love.

There are SUPER frustrating times on The Path. Instead of fighting against frustrating times with more frustration, anger and resentment, take a higher road today.

Remember, a delay is not a denial. The Uni-verse’s timing is always perfect and if something isn’t quite manifesting yet, there is a reason. So, today, instead of choosing to be angry, hurt or just plain ole pissed off, take a BIIIIG DEEP BREATH and know that everything is happening in perfect time. It might piss you off to know that it’s not happening in YOUR time, but it is happening in the perfect time.

Do what you can do that’s within your power today and let go of the rest. There’s no use letting the things you can’t control dictate your level of happiness.

So, instead of choosing frustration because you think you won’t be provided for or taken care of, choose to see the circumstance through the eyes of faith, and then relax, let it go and enjoy the rest of your day doing what you can.

We are not all powerful beings, though sometimes our ego would like us to think we are. There is also a tremendous gift in not always getting what you want. There are gentle and compassionate Hands that are guiding your life.

So instead of fighting against what you cannot control today, let go and choose to see the delay as a miracle in disguise sent by One who loves you, who has your best interest in mind and Who is setting up an even greater outcome than you can now imagine.




Trying to Find My Animalistic State…in #Houston


Here’s another event for our #Houston ladies.  Get on the Prowl in your Animal Print and have some FUN. This Sunday, March 27th, 2011, my Stylist, Ashley Ealasia of Bella Epique will be hosting a Ladies Night Out Event dawning a Fashion/Hair Show by Ms. Ashley, Cocktails, Dancing and Shopping.  Come out to the Meet My Stylist Mixer where the theme is Animal Print.  Who knew Ray J started something when he said “You got me at my most animalistic state.”  Now you have an excuse to leave the kids at home, step out in your animal print dress, top, shorts, and shoes and Be Flirty. 

Check out our style post below if you need to get your shop on before the event.  This will be a great evening soiree full of ambiance and FUN. Our Fabulous Store Manager, Angela, will be in the place so you can stop by and shop in person. Tell her I sent you!

Buy you $10 dollar tickets HERE.
Bella Epique Salon, Make Up Bar & Boutique
4819 Caroline St
Museum district
Houston, TX 77004

Items featured clockwise so you can be on your way to Being Fabulous, Flirty and Fun.

Click the links below to purchase pieces featured in this article:

Model with INC outfit – Animal Print Dress by INC at MACY’s. Join eBates to gain a % back on your order.

Fabulous Gold Dangle Earrings –– $10.00

Diva Couture Clutch in White – FlirtyThirty Store – $35.00

MAXSTUDIO Rodney Sandal – – $79.95

Fabulous Muted Gold Cuff-$10.00

LIVE Life…and Be Cute!

Aerika Eshelle

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