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#Trying to Kick it….The End of the Week is #LikeNothingElse…


Awww Suki Suki!  It’s the Weekend, Baby!  TGIF, For Real!  We made it, y’all!  See how the rest of the weekend is gonna play out for you.

Friday & Saturday- HAPPY

As you can see, we have made it to the end of the week and look at the smile on that face!  Too excited to be free to do what you want to do….even if it is just running errands around town on Saturday.  It’s your time and you can wake up at your leisure….Hopefully!  Songs were made about the weekend.  It’s Friday and I’m ready to swang. Pick up my girls and hit the party scene…Tonight, ohohoh, It’s Alright!-AALIYAH   Make sure to hit up a daytime party for me and get your fly accessories with

Sunday – WORRIED

Well, look it’s Sunday again.  Where did the last two days go?  Oh no, now you’ve started thinking about all the stuff you have do during the week.  School, Work, the kids, oh my!  How can you enjoy this last moment of your weekend without worrying.  I don’t know if you can. It’s called Sunday Anxiety!  It begins to take over you because you got up early, went to church possibly, cooked your evening meal, maybe even hung out with some friends for brunch.  You’ve had you last bit of weekend fun and you realize it has to come to an end…..And then….you move into the next phase…..

Sunday Evening – RAGE

Oh, No!  It’s time to go to bed.  You are really upset now.  Why is it that we go through this every week?  There has never been a day in my work career that I’ve felt joy about going to the job on Monday.   It requires prayer and meditation to just have enough strength to get out of the bed on Monday and make it in one time….LOL  Don’t trip, I’m glad I have a job, but I’m Mad I gotta go.  Anybody know of a job where I can work from home? Maybe that would ease the tension.

LIVE Life, Have a Great Weekend….And a Happy Monday!

Keysharion “KeKe” Parker


#Trying to Get through the Week…#ICantGoADayWithout..


Constantly thinking about Friday and the tortuous 4 day journey to get to it!  What about you?  Monday’s are the worst and you just wake up mad because you had Sunday anxiety all day yesterday…..It creeps down in your soul and makes our attitude just funky knowing you have to get up and endure another week at work.  Anybody out there feeling me on this one?  My girl sent me this email and I thought it was hilarious…The perfect depiction of how the week goes! 

Monday – HATRED

Oh the joy of waking up to a new day and it’s Monday.  The dreaded of all days that signify the beginning of a long drawn out week.  Gotta deal with raggedy people on your job, at the stores, in traffic and at your kid’s school.  This is the day you have road rage the most and everyone drives slow because you are late for work.   Happy Freakin’ Monday!

Tuesday – TIRED

Well, it’s a little better today.  You survived Monday and you basically feel like you are about to wake up from the mental slumber you’ve been in.  You brain starts functioning and you don’t take everything so freakin’ seriously because they are not on your last nerve like on Monday.  Hang in there!  Hump day is around the corner.

We’ll hit you back on Wednesday with the how the rest of the week shapes up!

LAUGH About It….and Try to Make it through the Week 🙂  It’s not sooooo bad!

Keysharion “KeKe” Parker


#Trying to be on Princess Status…#Diana ‘s #Style


Remembering Princess Diana

Princess Diana would have been 50 today!  What better way to celebrate than honoring her presence.  She is revered as the People’s Princess and loved as a role model, activist, and style icon worldwide. From her wedding gown to her little black dresses, her style continues to inspire Fashion today.
Check out our style post showing Diana’s Simple Elegance coupled with TryingTwenties’ Accessories
It’s great for your budget and 
Pretty Enough for a Princess!


 We love you, Diana!
LIVE Life and Be Princess Pretty!
Aerika Eshelle

Trying Not to Lose…


Okay, seriously, you can literally find anything on the web.  Last night i was feeling a little down on myself and found myself typing into Google search “why am i such a loser?”…..Okay, i know i’m not a loser loser and i need to stop feeling down on myself, but i was actually suprised at the sites that came up.  People going on and on responding to posts from other people feeling less than outstanding.  I was really suprised that perfect and total strangers were this helpful, responsive and downright nice on the web.  They were actually providing supportive and loving advice to a kid in Utah who hadn’t yet discovered himself and all of what life is meant to be.

I, on the other hand, am not a goofy teenager.  I do feel like a goofy 29 year old who can’t get it together.  I’m currently focusing on getting a promotion and moving toward a new adventure in this new role.  I’m actually hoping this takes me out of the office and allows me to work from home.  But for some reason, I’m am such a loser.  I’ve now realized in life that the only thing i’ve ever been good at is school, learning and growing, but applying never came easily because i was always too busy over analyzing everything to move forward.  So i stepped out of my box and have had super supportive team members help me out  and supply me with useful knowledge that i just can’t seem to put into action.  I’ve spoken with clients who are grandmothers, mothers, fathers and your average joe, but I just can’t seem to catch a break. 

It always seems where others are succeeding with ease and things just come naturally to them, I struggle.  I just can’t find my niche and become the success I desire to be.  What’s holding me back?  My confidence, my approach, A curse on my household?  I’ve asked the Lord to help me do the right things and not that those things will be easy, but I just need to know that with making an effort the struggle will be worth it in the long run. 

My friends tell me that i’ve got to keep going, i’ve got to keep pushing, but when do you just stop hurting your own darn feelings and cutting your losses?  You can push for a significant other and end up with a deadbeat who hits on you.  Then you’re in a lousy marriage because you wouldn’t let go of Mr. Raggedy. Maybe sometimes you have to realize that it isn’t for you and you can’t move on to something greater until you let go of what you’ve been thinking you were supposed to do.  I have no clue, except I’m tired of being a loser. 

I envision winning all the time, I envision realistic approaches to acheiving success.  But yet, i keep getting road blocked.  When is enough enough and when will a break through happen? I’m kinda tired of the cliche’ answers of “It will, it’s just not time yet.”, “The right person will come along?”,  “Well you already applied for 120 jobs this week, apply for 120 more :)”….LOL  Gotta love friends, they mean well and they just want to lift your spirits, but truth is, they don’t always know your inner turmoil and the years and years of feeling like you’re not getting anything you want.  Don’t get me wrong, life could be worse, but somewhere down the line, I just envisioned better.

I’m not TRYING to complain, just TRYING to see if anyone else feels like this? Maybe I’m not showing HIM enough effort or desire.  It just makes me wonder why SOME supermodels and actresses are discovered and whisked away to work in Milan or Hollywood, while others aspiring never grace the cover of a magazine and are forced to wait tables.  I know sometimes the journey is great, but I’m just concerned that the discovered people fell into something they didn’t even want, while the aspiring want it so badly they can taste it, but is far from within their grasps.  Is that just a cruel joke or what?  Not everything has to be easy, but Why does it seem like when you put forth the most effort, that’s when the door slams in your face the hardest? 

So with that being said, i’m just going to TRY harder to NOT be such a loser.  i resolve to TRY to listen and learn how to improve while executing diligently.  I refuse to be let down for the sake of my mental state and I will succeed. 

I suggest you do the same.  We are not losers….We are just Trying Twenties.

Like the song goes….All I do is Win, Win, Win, NO matter what!

LIVE Life….and Die Trying…I guess!

Angel Elexa


Trying to be Fabulous for Summer


You know you are ready to kick it this summer, whether by the pool, at an outdoor concert, evening out with the girls, or on a date with your boo! Whether you are out of school for the summer or working your 9-5, you want to be fly when you are out and about!  Let us help you be your achieve Fabulosity!

Here’s a cute outfit from Nordstrom’s Junior’s Department that we think is a perfect summer ensemble that transcends the young, mid, and late Twenties dress code.  It gets our vote for Fabulous, Flirty and Fun!  Check it out today!

Since the model is not carrying a handbag or wearing any accessories, we decided to show you how to glam up the outfit with items from our store.   Try adding some Dangles that hail from our Flirty and Fun line.  They will enhance and compliment the turquoise and orange tones  in the Fabulous outfit above.  Both pair of Flirty earrings retail for $10.  Be sure to join our Facebook page and watch out for special deals coming your way through Google Checkout!

And don’t you need a Handbag to complete the outfit?  We thought so.  Check out two of our favs that we felt would compliment this outfit nicely.  This first Fun purse can go from work to play and is the more trendy yet conservative option.   The second Fun handbag is more of playful option for that poolside destination, as it is large enough to hold everything from your shades, bottled water, ipod, sunscreen to beach towel and bathing suit.  We like multiple uses for a product…LOL

Check out these Fabulous, Flirty and Fun items today!  We’d love to help you look Gorgeous this Summer!

Aerika Eshelle


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