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Trying to Love Me….


 I happened to be looking in the mirror this morning on the way to work and noticed my ears.  I actually thought to myself, “Wow, my ears are cute!  I love them”.  Not for the sole purpose of hearing from them, but becuase they are mine and they are not too big and not too small.  They are slightly elfin and have 2 piercings in each, one in which doesn’t function, but I still love them. 

I know… vain, huh?  But truth be told, I’ve had a complex for years about my features.  My mom’s side of the family makes fun of my dad’s side of the family’s feet.  And I got those feet.  It took me years to love them.  I also grew up with some mean little boys who thought my nose was big.  Thank God I grew into that…LOL  I was convinced that I would get a nose job at 18.  Then there was that dude who told me my eyes were too close together.  Thanks, right?!  Well, I’m glad to be able to say that I can see 20/20 with my eyes and focus on the things that matter most. 

That is learning to love me for what I have and not being bothered by what other people think of how God put me together.  I can’t say that I have the tightest abs, the longest hair, the curvy waist line, or the cutest nose.  But I can say that what I have is mine.  And I can say that it took me 30 years to get to this point of acceptance where I decide what I love about me without anyone else’s influence. 

So here’s to eyes, ears, noses and other body parts we neglect and don’t show enough appreciation for.  We struggle with acceptance in our Twenties, but we come to accept ourselves in our Thirties.  Tell us what makes you feel Fabulous.  Tell us what helps you Flirt and tell us what do find Fun accessorizing and dressing. 

I’m all ears!  And funny I should bring it up, but  I love accessorizing with earrings!…LOL  Check out some at our store. That’s where I get mine from. 

LIVE Life and LOVE Everything about you!

Angel Elexa

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Trying to be Sexy…


Ladies,  Let’s bring sexy back with today’s Groupon.  Today’s featured coupon will award you half off a lesson for Pole dancing at the hottest new place to get your Inner Stripper on….S Factor.    All my out of state Ladies, don’t fret, there is one in NY and Chi-Town.

Sign up here today to become a member of Groupon.   Then purchase today’s Groupon.  Once you have purchased the deal, the coupon stays in your account and you can redeem it for the class anytime before the Nov. 7th deadline.  Remember, you must purchase today to get the half off deal!

Got any bachelorette parties, birthdays, girls’ weekends, or anniversaries coming up?  Then this would be the perfect gift and or outing for you and your crew.   Get ready to be amazed as you learn how to Bring Sexy Back.   Justin Timberlake wasn’t playing…And with this new knowledge, you will be able to spice up your love life OR Just get a boo!

Let us know how your class goes.  Be sexy, but please don’t bust yo’ head!  We actually hear that the class is so intense that you are sore for the next week!

In the great words of Missy – Get your freak on!

LIVE Life…And learn how to “Drop it like it’s Hot!”

Aerika Eshelle

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