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Trying to Make an Adjustment…


To my life.  I was invited to a special screening event hosted by Liquid Soul Media  for the new movie The Adjustment Bureau. You may have seen previews with the hot Matt Damon, but you will never imagine the multitude of twists and turns that await the avid movie watcher. 

Don’t doubt the enticement of this movie and pass on seeing it. It’s not like anything we’ve seen in our generation….and that’s saying a lot.  As a movie connoiseur, Hollywood uses cookie cutter themes to make 3D movies to impress and draw us in, but what about the story being the basis of our excitement and not all the effects?  George Nolfi rewrote and directed this thriller, sci-fi, action, romance to provide our society something  so exciting and so different that I’m blogging  from my IPhone to encourage you to see this movie opening night on March 4th.  

Impressed is truly the word of the evening and I’m not usually a writer of profound thought until something makes me think….Well, I guess I’m always contemplating life.  It’s what us Twenty and Thirty somethings do. The Adjustment Bureau seeks to explain the questions that our human race struggles with daily….Do we really have free will and do our lives follow a divine order? And most importantly, how does each decision effect life scenarios as we battle between the two?

Most of us believe in a higher power, but how much does he/she control and allow when it comes to the path you are supposed to be on? Do we ever reach our destiny if we do not follow the plan or do we have a say in how our lives go and we help create the plan? Is that divine power ultimately waiting on us to respond and/or implement the plan? The bigger question is  would you go against the plan to get what you were supposed to have anyway?!

I know what I believe and I have admit this movie made me look at some things with a more enlightened view point. I encourage all my Trying Twenties and Flirty Thirty Sorors to get outta the house and see this movie.  There is something for everyone.  Grab your Boo, your girls, and your homies and go to this movie. Be encouraged by it and take time to evaluate your thoughts and realign your life to what’s most important.

Watch the trailer here: 

Will you allow free will to help you push, push, push to accomplish what you feel strongly about or will you allow divine order to write and lay out the path you should follow? Somehow, in some weird way, I think it can be both.

Go see The Adjustment Bureau premiering March 4th and let me know your thoughts. 

We know expressing beliefs can be a touchy subject, but please don’t be rude. Respect our fellow sorors and their beliefs when commenting.

Live life…and let the plan play out. You’re destined for greatness!

Angel Elexa


Trying Not to Lose…


Okay, seriously, you can literally find anything on the web.  Last night i was feeling a little down on myself and found myself typing into Google search “why am i such a loser?”…..Okay, i know i’m not a loser loser and i need to stop feeling down on myself, but i was actually suprised at the sites that came up.  People going on and on responding to posts from other people feeling less than outstanding.  I was really suprised that perfect and total strangers were this helpful, responsive and downright nice on the web.  They were actually providing supportive and loving advice to a kid in Utah who hadn’t yet discovered himself and all of what life is meant to be.

I, on the other hand, am not a goofy teenager.  I do feel like a goofy 29 year old who can’t get it together.  I’m currently focusing on getting a promotion and moving toward a new adventure in this new role.  I’m actually hoping this takes me out of the office and allows me to work from home.  But for some reason, I’m am such a loser.  I’ve now realized in life that the only thing i’ve ever been good at is school, learning and growing, but applying never came easily because i was always too busy over analyzing everything to move forward.  So i stepped out of my box and have had super supportive team members help me out  and supply me with useful knowledge that i just can’t seem to put into action.  I’ve spoken with clients who are grandmothers, mothers, fathers and your average joe, but I just can’t seem to catch a break. 

It always seems where others are succeeding with ease and things just come naturally to them, I struggle.  I just can’t find my niche and become the success I desire to be.  What’s holding me back?  My confidence, my approach, A curse on my household?  I’ve asked the Lord to help me do the right things and not that those things will be easy, but I just need to know that with making an effort the struggle will be worth it in the long run. 

My friends tell me that i’ve got to keep going, i’ve got to keep pushing, but when do you just stop hurting your own darn feelings and cutting your losses?  You can push for a significant other and end up with a deadbeat who hits on you.  Then you’re in a lousy marriage because you wouldn’t let go of Mr. Raggedy. Maybe sometimes you have to realize that it isn’t for you and you can’t move on to something greater until you let go of what you’ve been thinking you were supposed to do.  I have no clue, except I’m tired of being a loser. 

I envision winning all the time, I envision realistic approaches to acheiving success.  But yet, i keep getting road blocked.  When is enough enough and when will a break through happen? I’m kinda tired of the cliche’ answers of “It will, it’s just not time yet.”, “The right person will come along?”,  “Well you already applied for 120 jobs this week, apply for 120 more :)”….LOL  Gotta love friends, they mean well and they just want to lift your spirits, but truth is, they don’t always know your inner turmoil and the years and years of feeling like you’re not getting anything you want.  Don’t get me wrong, life could be worse, but somewhere down the line, I just envisioned better.

I’m not TRYING to complain, just TRYING to see if anyone else feels like this? Maybe I’m not showing HIM enough effort or desire.  It just makes me wonder why SOME supermodels and actresses are discovered and whisked away to work in Milan or Hollywood, while others aspiring never grace the cover of a magazine and are forced to wait tables.  I know sometimes the journey is great, but I’m just concerned that the discovered people fell into something they didn’t even want, while the aspiring want it so badly they can taste it, but is far from within their grasps.  Is that just a cruel joke or what?  Not everything has to be easy, but Why does it seem like when you put forth the most effort, that’s when the door slams in your face the hardest? 

So with that being said, i’m just going to TRY harder to NOT be such a loser.  i resolve to TRY to listen and learn how to improve while executing diligently.  I refuse to be let down for the sake of my mental state and I will succeed. 

I suggest you do the same.  We are not losers….We are just Trying Twenties.

Like the song goes….All I do is Win, Win, Win, NO matter what!

LIVE Life….and Die Trying…I guess!

Angel Elexa

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