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Trying to be in the place for #FashionHouston


By: Aerika Eshelle

It’s back, Ladies!  Get ready to see and be seen this week as Houston celebrates Fashion!  You know you are addicted to style and all things beautiful and grand. Get your ticket today to see some of the hottest runway shows to hit H-Town. 

I’ll be there to cover it all.  I adore clothes as much as concerts….And you know I’m a pheen.  I’ve loved sketching, color and style since I was a little girl,  so I have to be in the place.  It’s not too late for you either.  Check out the dates below and TRY to make it over to the Wortham Center in Downtown Houston. 

Get you tickets HERE!  Don’t miss the event that will bring the most talented designers, the most celebrated models, and worshipers of style from around the globe to the city of Houston, Texas.

Thanks to Houston Tidbits for the below information!

Laura Mercier Pop-Up Shop
Tuesday, October 11 – Thursday, October 13
Learn how to create a flawless face from this year’s official beauty sponsor, Laura Mercier, a global brand headquartered right here in town. Stop by their chic set-up in the Audi Pavilion at the Wortham to shop shades available exclusively during Fashion Houston, then get snapped by a pro photog on your way out.

Would You Die For Fashion?
Tuesday, October 11, 10 p.m.
Aries Milan, owner of Coquette Boutique & Bistro, debuts her first fashion collection. See Kate Kills Pretty on the runway—the label name is a shout-out to the always-inspiring Miss Moss—then toast her at the private after-party at Side Bar at Gravitas featuring wine and passed bites.

Chloe After the Catwalk
Wednesday, October 12, 10 p.m.
After marveling over the Aztec prints she designed to use in her new collection, strut over to Chloe Dao’s post-runway celebration at Venue featuring footage from the show, a Dao Chloe Dao installation, candy bar, performance by Divisi Strings and looks from Elaine Turner. Pay $10 at the door, or get free entry with your Fashion Houston ticket.


Thursday, October 13, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Models will storm the runway in Robert Rodriguez’s sure-to-be-stellar closing show.


#Trying to Remain Calm….#IHateItWhen


Keysharion “KeKe” Parker

I hate it when…you ask someone a legitimate question and they give you an F’d up ass answer.  Thanks for thinking I’m a dumb ass. 

So I visited Philly a few months back with the girls and we were kicking it at a wine spot, a little tipsy, and a lot of dancin’ to a little band that was jamming jazz and some r&b.  The guys in the band were doing their thang and we were having a great night.  Okay…..until, the lead guy comes over to the table and asks if we had any requests.  Nice, right?! 

Well, I politely asked if he could play any Ne-Yo.  Mind you, I had just heard a band in N.O. play Champagne Life in a hole in the wall club a couple of months prior.  I didn’t think my request was far fetched, but damn! The answer I got back was ‘rude as hell’.  I mean I wasn’t trying to belittle what the band was doing by any means, I just thought it would keep the party going. 

For real, don’t look at me like I’m stupid and say “Uh…NO! Why in the hell would we play that?!” Well, in my opinion don’t bring your ass over here and ask if we have any requests. So my non-drunk, crunk answer should have been, “You’re a motherf***in’ band asking for requests, aren’t you?! That’s why you need to play that “ish! You obviously ain’t that big yet to be turning folk down, now are you?”   I think I should’ve gone Evelyn Lozada on him and told him what’s real! Yes, I have anger mgmt issues and I need help.  Fortunately for him, I was lil’ tipsy and I just got quiet and festered until now….LOL

I’m jus’ sayin’, I hate it when people get their jollies off of making other people feel like crap.  You don’t have to TRY to embarrrass anyone to have control over the situation.  Just have some compassion and patience.  Yes, people do ask stupid questions, but Damn don’t you do the same thing, too?   Be helpful because you never know how that could lead to your next blessing.

I mean dude was kinda cute.  If he had played his cards rights, he actually coulda got it  🙂 

I’m jus’ sayin’!…SMH

LIVE Life…and Respect My Gangsta!


Trying to Heat up the Holidays…


It’s that time of year again and we want to spend time with those that are dear to us. It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your dough. You’ve probably already spent enough on gifts, but you still want go out and have some fun, too. Check out these low to no cost holiday suggestions for some cost efficient dates with your boo this holiday season. Don’t have a boo? That’s okay, too. Some of these you can do with your homegirls and have just as much fun…LOL

Holiday Date Ideas

1. Looking at Christmas Lights

Taking a stroll to enjoy the lights can evoke warm feelings amongst the two of you and help rekindle the flame. There is wonder and awe in seeing the lights and the glow will make you look awesome!  Make sure to pack your coat, scarves, mittens and cocoa.  (If you’re in Houston, just pack a light jacket and an iced latte)!

2. Holiday Baking

Okay, who doesn’t love baked goods at Christmas.  Get your guy in the kitchen and create some awesome decorated gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  Use cookie cutters in cute holiday shapes. Can’t beat spending time together and heating up yet another area of the house 😉   Want to add a bonus to your date, take a batch to the little old lady down the way.  It’ll make you both feel good!

3. Ice Skating

Now here’s something that most men have tried and maybe have vowed to not try again.  But, with your feminine wilds, you can persuade him to hold your hand and get out there on the ice.  It’s sweet and romantic, think of the movies with those scenes of where boy falls, girl tries to help him up and she falls too.  At least she fell into his arms, right?!  Could be a promising date.  Just don’t get bruised up too bad out there.

4. Decorate a Christmas Tree

Here’s something fun that you can do together and you get to see how well you work together.  Putting the tree up and adding personal touches that remind you of fun times together will help you remember why you like each other.  Is this your first Christmas together?  Then commemorate the event with personalized stockings to hang by the fireplace.  The joy is seeing the completed work of art.  Sit together and look at your tree shine in all it’s Christmas splendor. 

5. Volunteer

Don’t know what to get your boo for Christmas?  How about some days of giving back to those less fortunate.  This will strengthen your bond with him and remind you both how lucky you are to have each other.  Check out your local food banks and clothing donation centers.  Does your boo like to build things?  Here’s one that I like. Try Elves and More if you live in the Houston Area.  You get to build Children’s bikes for local area youth.  You actually put on the handle bars and tires for a deserving child.  This opportunity will definitely help you see one another in a different light and will make you feel good about each other and what you’ve accomplished.

6. Christmas Movie Night

Sit by the fire and watch cheesy holiday movies.  The best ones are on cable networks like Lifetime and ABC Family.  Okay, your boo may not like some of these, but your girls may.  Get some holiday wassle or eggnog and those cookies you made and curl up on the sofa.  Here are some of our favs below that are guy friendly:

■White Christmas
■The Bishop’s Wife or The Preacher’s Wife
■Elf, Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
■Peanut’s Christmas or any of those old school animation movies
■A Christmas Story

Tell us what you end up doing!  You gotta enjoy the holiday and there is nothing wrong with being cheap about it.


Trying to Get My Shop On…Wed.,July 14th


Here’s an event that I”ll be attending!  Come and hang out with your girls and get your shop on!  It’s the classic Sip and Shop Summer Sale.  It’s the perfect scenario to buy new cute items for the summer season and have a cocktail!

Meet us @ the rack, drink in hand!  We HEART ScottPhree Boutique.  Their fashions are the perfect way to stay cool for the summer.  Buy online today and tomorrow and get 30% off your purchase.  Use code FAB30 at checkout.  If you come to the event stop by their table and receive 20% off on your purchase. 

Sip & Shop – The Beauty Event| sip . shop . save

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
BLVD 610 (Near Galleria)
3005 West Loop South Freeway, Houston TX
5p – 8pm
Admission is Free (with RSVP)

Trying Twenties will be at the Glam Shop on October 13th as a vendor.  More to come as the event date approaches.  Our online handbag boutique  and it’s store operator, Angela, will be able to finally meet you, Our #Houston Clientele!  

Check out the online store today to see if anything entices you!  Remember to put us on your schedule for later this year.  We’ll have New Merchandise for you to peruse before it goes online!  We’ll be there with our partner and friend, Wick It Accents.

 “GlamShop | Because Girls Just Wanna have Fun!” And shopping is a way to do it!

Aerika Eshelle


Trying to Hang Out…


Red Carpet Style…The Oscars are on the horizon, airing Sunday, March 7th, and I wanted to share a few ways to kick it in style at your Oscar Party with the Girls.

To ensure you have an exciting watch party, prepare today and be the best hostess your friends have ever met. 

(1) Send your Evite! Go online and get the party started today!  They have the best designs and you can submit the location and provide a map to guests to your venue.

(2) Plan your menu.  What will you be serving your guests?  Here’s our ideas for a Premiere gathering.

Slumdog HotDog Station – Buy Buns, weiners, chili, cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard and relish for the ultimate feeding frenzy.

Revolutionary “Rocky” Road Brownies – Buy your favorite Brownie mix and  add walnuts, pecans or cashews to the mix.  Drizzle edible gold glitter flakes on top.  This will make a Festive treat!

Red Carpet Flame – Mix 12oz cup of Simply Lemonade with 2 shots of Malibu Cocunt Rum for a Bitter/Sweet drink.  It’s sure to be a Crowd Pleaser!

Red Carpet Fizzle – Mix a tub of lime sherbert with a half bottle of Sprite. This fizzy drink makes a great solution for all your non-alky friends.  One of my girls is prego 🙂

Pop the Champagne – If you can’t have Cristal, have the knock off called Cristalino.  It’s actually pretty good and you can get little 187ml bottles as gag gifts for your crowd.  Hey, we’re all about Fabulous on a budget.


(3) Plan your activites – What separates your event from just chilling at your house, to A Stellar Event, are the activities.  Come up with some ideas to keep the crowd interacting with you, each other and the tv.

BE THE ACADEMY – Print cards from here. Allow the crowd to vote on who they think will win before the awards start.  Tally which ones they got right as the show goes on.  After the show is over, see which guest guessed the most winners correctly.  Then….Give a Prize like this trophyYou can pick this up at your local Party City for $3.99.

Make Love it/Hate it Cards – During the Red Carpet, hand the crowd a card with each on it.  As the stars adorn the runway, have the guests vote for if they love the outfit or hate it.  These cards are best on card stock paper and you can find cute clip art in powerpoint.  Place them both on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock and cut down the center for two cards.  Look, you’re fun and economical!

Create Oscar TriviaGo here for actual trivia questions and ideas.  Get creative, but make it easy on your guests and create multiple choice answers.  Whoever wins gets a prize!  For the prize for this game, hit up the $1.00 bin at Target.  They always have cute trinkets and what nots for gifts.  I found little vases adorned with the TryingTwenties theme, LIVE…LAUGH…LOVE.

And save the most fun for last.  A DRINKING Game…Everytime one of the following happens, ask your crowd to take a drink.  If you have to work tomorrow, this may suck and you may have to be a designated driver…LOL

  1. When a TV celebrity is asked, “Who are you wearing?”
  2. Everytime someone Thanks their Agent or God.
  3. When a star’s speech last’s too long and the orchestra starts playing.

(4) Decorate – Find nominated movie art online at google images.  Type in the name of the film and “wallpaper”.  Save it and then size them on an 11 x 17 template in powerpoint.  Print them out on large paper and decorate your “screening room” with the movie art.    It adds a touch of flair and makes your guests feel like you went all out….LOL

(5) Enjoy – Get ready to host an extravagently cheap event.  Remember, hanging out with your girls and ragging on people’s dresses…Priceless!

Okay, so you are ready to party and deliver a Fabulously planned evening for you and  your friends!  If all else fails, tell them to bring the food and drinks to your crib….LOL

LIVE Life..And share it with your friends.

Aerika Eshelle.

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