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Trying to be Boho Chic…#Houston


How to Buy a Boho Bag

By the ChicFashionista

Most boho handbags are slouchy, made of natural materials like leather (faux or real, it doesn’t matter) or suede. The classic leather hobo handbags go with everything, while the more colorful ones (patchwork, prints, etc.) are great for adding a focal point to your outfit. Whatever bag you choose, if you want to look boho chic, make sure you buy the ones with vintage details such as braids, tassels and fringes. These details are often what define original bohemian style!

You can never go wrong with faux leather and faux suede in black, tan or dark brown. They are two versatile materials that look good with most outfits. By choosing the classics you’re free to play with other accessories like jewelry without messing up your outfit.

If you have a more eclectic bohemian style, try patch work designs or eye catching colors like mustard yellow, deep purple, and reds (anything that is a bit splashy) the better. Just  try to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Make sure you drop by the Fabulous $40 and Flirty $30 Handbag section on our site where you’ll find lots of boho chic handbag essentials great for your Fun life and Flirty outfits.

LIVE Life…and look fabulous!

Aerika Eshelle


Trying to #BeSexy in the City…..


Many of us LOVE the Sex and the City reruns and have imitated the ladies’ Fabulous efforts to constantly have a good time. For those of us who date and have had some inexplicable nights away from home, you’ll find this article understandable. It’s yet another way to use your handbag for more than just an attractive accessory. From Saturday night fun with your guy to Sunday brunch with the girls, you’ll find everything you need to not miss a beat with the right handbag.

Note – If we are gonna be heathens, somewhere in there we probably should hit up church on Sunday…. Totally up to you.  BUT know that your handbag may be okay for service, but doubtful about your ‘”Get ‘Em, Girl” outfit….LOL

Los Angeles – March 23, 2005
Catwalk of Shame-Morning After Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

There’s nothing quite like starting your day by skipping oral hygiene, repeating an outfit, and waving good-bye while issuing a convincing, “I’ll call you later!”  That’s why Rebecca Minkoff has come up with the perfect accessory for the repercussions of her sexy clothing line: the Morning After bag.

Qualities to look for in your Morning After Bag:

1. Big enough to stash all of your, um, overnight/next-day needs, but boho-chic enough for everyday use.

2. Toteable handles slip easily over your shoulder, making these carryalls perfect for lugging last night’s disco heels around all day.

3. Pretty enough that you may find yourself arranging sleepovers just to rationalize the purchase.

See? Your morning-after style profile is soaring already.  Though we can’t say the same for your reputation.

Get your overnight totes today with us!  Here are some of the large handbags we love that can take us from day to night to day again…LOL

Happy Shopping! -Aerika Eshelle


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Fabulous $40 Handbag Collection at


Trying to Be Stylish and Save…


Are you hip to mobile apps and coupons? Many companies are convincing you to spend through your cell phone device. That’s kinda cool, right?! Here’s a great deal from Gap! Though we might not all get to celebrate Spring Break starting next week, it doesn’t mean you can’t make some additions to your wardrobe for the season.

Enter your cell number HERE at Gap online, and you’ll receive a text message with a special code. Use the code in-store to get $25 off your $50 purchase. Offer available in stores only March 10-16. Valid at Gap, Baby Gap, Gap Kids, and Gap Body stores. Not valid at Factory or Outlet stores.

Shop and spend wisely. Remember to come back and get your accessories with us. Visit for the latest in Fashion Handbags and Accessories!

LIVE Life and Jump into Spring!

Aerika Eshelle

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