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Angel Elexa

It’s never too soon to get tickets to your favorite shows or events! Even if it is 3 or 4 months out. 

Who doesn’t love the holidays? It’s only August, but I’m thinking about my fav holiday movie, White Christmas. My cousin turned me onto it years ago.  I own it and watch it at least once a week starting in December. Imagine my surprise when I saw the opportunity to get half off tickets to the touring musical in Houston. 

Now you can get out of the house, ask a friend to go, take your boo, whatever.  Make it a tradition! My homegirl and I make it a point to attend some type of holiday event every year. I’m about to hit her up now and tell her to mark the calendar.  You can’t beat center orchestra seats at a Fabulous holiday production!

It can be an inconvenience to make plans this far in advance and be able to attend on the specified promo dates, but if your schedule is clear, go and get outta the house!

50% Off TUTS White Christmas in December 2011Houston On The Cheap.

LIVE Life…and have a  Merry Christmas in August!


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Angel Elexa

In an article by Ruchira Agrawal, 6 Ways To Discover Your Authentic Work, she writes about finding your passion and making it work for you.  Ruchira says, “Some of you may be familiar with the term ‘authentic work’, others perhaps reading this for the first time and wondering what it really means. The term ‘authenticity’ according to Wikipedia means – “the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character”, despite “external forces, pressures, and influences”. And when you apply it to your work, it obviously means engaging in work that is closest to who you are as a person and what you’re naturally gifted and talented in.”

Well, I hadn’t been so blessed to find exactly what that means for me yet. I’m just trying to work and pay the bills now because I’m discontent.  I thought that getting my degree in something that I thought I loved would mean starting at a certain salary level and would allow me to be Young with Money.  I’m not talking about Weezy, Drake and Nikki Minaj money, but still having enough to venture out on my own the first year after school, buy a house, travel and splurge and save all at the same time. You know, do the things that I wanted to in life without always checking the budget first.

 I thought if I did well enough in school, applied myself in my internships, companies would be eager to recruit me at their career fairs.  Interestingly enough, I even thought going back for my MBA would help me achieve status in the corporate arena.  And even at 30 and almost 8 years in the industry, I’m just now making what I should’ve been 8 years ago. Oh, how the Visions of Grandeur have mocked me. 

We’ve all suffered layoffs, manager cruelty and other promotional injustices during our careers and have learned that the job search sucks.  It’s such a numbers game and I can’t seem to figure it out.  So with that being said, what is an authentic job for any of us?  Where we thought selecting a major in college would catapult us to our dream job, many of us have learned that it’s just the opposite.  And it just leaves you wanting more out of life.  The question becomes, how can you link up what you like to do with earning money to support you?  Maybe we should not search for success with a corporation to support someone else’s dream, BUT  venture out on our own and create the opportunities for ourselves. 

They say when the time is right, THINGS just seem to start happening.  Chances are, you were already thinking about pursuing dream.  I hadn’t really gotten the chance to be fully creative and at my job.  The discontentment actually led me to be an entrepreneur, and I have to admit, starting my own business has been gratifying.  It takes my mind off the day-to-day stuff at my 9-5 .  It even makes me wonder about going back to school and meshing the two things I’m passionate about most, Marketing and Interior design.  So in the meantime, until I can make a firm decision, I’ve started dabbling in the homestaging, interior redesign and social media consulting business.  All things I love and I actually get to use my marketing degree to promote my baby.   

My message to you today is that life doesn’t always turn out the way we envision it, but it at least births out something that you never imagined that may be just as good, if not better! 

You may think you’re on the right path, but be flexible enough to venture off YOUR defined path and be led to the one FATE wants you on.  Trust me, HE will give you the most inner desires of your heart that you didn’t even think were possible.   I think Ruchira got it right, “It’s easy to find fulfillment when you pursue an authentic career“.

Read Ruchira’s Full Article HERE.

LIVE Life and Prosper!


#Trying to Show Some Love…#Friends and @Sheckys



Kesharion “KeKe” Parker

To my girls…that is!  It’s National Girlfriend’s Day!

Hug your closest friends today and show them you care!

I couldn’t get through life without my besties!  Though they can get on my nerves and upset me six ways from Sunday, I know they’ve got my back.   You gotta appreciate all of them because they function as apart of your life in so many different ways.  There’s the friend you can always call when you wanna go out, go shopping, go to a movie, or just sit at home.  There’s the friend that you can always talk to about your boo, your momma and your cousin & them and they just get it.  Then there’s the friend that you can vent to, bitch at and in turn get some really good advice and they don’t think you’re just PMSing. 

That’s why I believe in Besties before Testes!  No one understands you like your girls…especially during your TryingTwenties.

Take the girls out tonight and tell them how much you appreciate them and have some fun!

LOVE Those Who Love You….Especially your girls!

How much do you love your girls?  Nominate them HERE for National Girlfriends Day!

We hope you nominate your fabulous girlfriends in August, and join us year-round on Sheckys.com and at our Girls Night Out events for a good dose of girl time!



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Keysharion “KeKe” Parker

Because she was one of our TryingTwenties Sorors, we want to express our sympathy for Amy Winehouse, (Trying 27).  We were saddened to hear about her death, however, not surprised.  In these TryingTwenties years, we struggle with day to day afflictions that send our world in turmoil and turn it upside down.  We don’t often know how to handle the inconsistencies of life.  Some of us do better than others due to outside guidance and our upbringing.  Some of us are just lucky to figure life out at an early age.  There are some of us that never get the opportunity to really shine because of addictions and emotional issues holding us back from our true potential. 

Yes, I can be civil when needed.  There’s just some things that get me angry and I make incorrect decisions.  No one is above it, you just may be smarter at recognizing and dealing with the consequences.  That possibly comes with age. She didn’t make the best decisions regarding her health and life, so let’s remember Amy for the talent she had.  We jammed her music, we thought she was on point with that Jay-Z collab, so let’s remember her for the music and the good times she helped us all have. When she was sober she produced a bomb album and looked great, too!

It’s sad she’ll be apart of the “27 Club” and will go down in history as a great artist that died at 27.  But we should take a lesson of what brought on their demise.  Being 27 is hard enough, but it won’t kill you.  It’s the choices you make around that age that will.  Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse were talented individuals and drug abuse and other addictions sadly took them away from us prematurely.  Think about it, we are the ones deprived of great music and with their talent they could’ve been shuttin’ down the party for another 20 years.

If you don’t take anything else away from this post, know that life can be fun at this age, but don’t take it to the extreme.  If you need advice, counseling, rehab, whatev….Don’t be too proud to get it before it’s too late.  You’ll never know how awesome you could’ve been!

LIVE Life…and Try to Make Better Decisions!



#Trying to Reminise on #Music #NowPlaying…



Aerika Eshelle

I’m the party girl of the group.  I just feel like having Fun in life is important.  Anyplace with a bumping dj and live music, especially concerts, makes me lose control.

Check out Part 2 of Jimmy Fallon’s and Justin Timberlake’s tribute to Hip Hop! They went there and I was taken back.  All my TryingTwenties and Flirty Thirty Sorors can appreciate every song on the playlist.  And the Roots…What?!  Can I say Jammin’ in the background?! They did the damn thang! 

It’s Monday, Get your Party on and your Sexy back…LOL 


LIVE Life…And get your dance on!


#Trying to Keep My Money…#FlirtyFinances in #Houston


By: Angel Elexa

Money….It’s something we have to think about on a daily basis.  Where is it going to come from, how it will be used, and is there enough of it?  I’m often plagued with those questions, especially in this economy.  As you get older and enter into your later twenties and early thirties, you begin to worry about what exactly to do with your money and how to prepare for the future.  Bump a rainy day fund, I gotta save for retirment, right?!  And, how do I save for both when I already live paycheck to paycheck?

All good questions…I have actually sought  investment and budget advice from a financial consultant.  It’s just too much for me to handle sometimes…LOL  But, the main focus here is to be Smart & Savvy with  money and know that we need to leave more to our families than just bills, bills, bills.  Consider getting the financial help you need and get your questions answered today.

Check out this video from ABC Houston.  OMG….Alison, my neighbor and Houston Based Realtor, is featured.  She was selected in the dog park to discuss the country’s financial condition and how it has affected her investments.

She looks amazing, as we all should when we skirt about town.  Here’s a FlirtyThirty Soror representing the sisterhood well and speaking eloquently on such a hot topic near and dear to our hearts.  Here’s to looking Fabulous and being Flirty with our Finances.  Who says looking good and being fiscally smart isn’t Fun?!

Click HERE for the full interview.

LIVE Life and Spend Wisely…


#Trying to Remain Calm….#IHateItWhen


Keysharion “KeKe” Parker

I hate it when…you ask someone a legitimate question and they give you an F’d up ass answer.  Thanks for thinking I’m a dumb ass. 

So I visited Philly a few months back with the girls and we were kicking it at a wine spot, a little tipsy, and a lot of dancin’ to a little band that was jamming jazz and some r&b.  The guys in the band were doing their thang and we were having a great night.  Okay…..until, the lead guy comes over to the table and asks if we had any requests.  Nice, right?! 

Well, I politely asked if he could play any Ne-Yo.  Mind you, I had just heard a band in N.O. play Champagne Life in a hole in the wall club a couple of months prior.  I didn’t think my request was far fetched, but damn! The answer I got back was ‘rude as hell’.  I mean I wasn’t trying to belittle what the band was doing by any means, I just thought it would keep the party going. 

For real, don’t look at me like I’m stupid and say “Uh…NO! Why in the hell would we play that?!” Well, in my opinion don’t bring your ass over here and ask if we have any requests. So my non-drunk, crunk answer should have been, “You’re a motherf***in’ band asking for requests, aren’t you?! That’s why you need to play that “ish! You obviously ain’t that big yet to be turning folk down, now are you?”   I think I should’ve gone Evelyn Lozada on him and told him what’s real! Yes, I have anger mgmt issues and I need help.  Fortunately for him, I was lil’ tipsy and I just got quiet and festered until now….LOL

I’m jus’ sayin’, I hate it when people get their jollies off of making other people feel like crap.  You don’t have to TRY to embarrrass anyone to have control over the situation.  Just have some compassion and patience.  Yes, people do ask stupid questions, but Damn don’t you do the same thing, too?   Be helpful because you never know how that could lead to your next blessing.

I mean dude was kinda cute.  If he had played his cards rights, he actually coulda got it  🙂 

I’m jus’ sayin’!…SMH

LIVE Life…and Respect My Gangsta!

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