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#WeLove Fedoras and #Fashionista s….#Style Profile


Here’s an interesting question we found perusing the net.  What we thought was a Fedora is actually a Trilby.  Well, guess what we have in stock? Grey, Dk Brown and Ivory Trilby’s at

Reader Question: Trilby vs. Fedora

By Truth in Fashion | Published: June 27, 2011

Dear Truth in Fashion,

I see hats called fedoras, and others called trilbies, but I really don’t see a difference, are they the same thing?


Dear Mindy,

They look a lot alike but actually have subtle differences. What we are seeing right now in fashion being called a fedora is most likely a trilby. A trilby hat has a thinner rim than a fedora. For some fun facts about the names of these hats, the trilby was named after a play based off of George du Maurier’s book, Trilby. In the play, one of the characters wore one of these hats. The fedora was also named after a play called Princess Fedora where the main character wore this style of hat.

Thanks Truth in Fashion!

Lesson Learned and I still get to be in Style!

LIVE Life…And get your terminology right.

Aerika Eshelle


#Trying to be on Princess Status…#Diana ‘s #Style


Remembering Princess Diana

Princess Diana would have been 50 today!  What better way to celebrate than honoring her presence.  She is revered as the People’s Princess and loved as a role model, activist, and style icon worldwide. From her wedding gown to her little black dresses, her style continues to inspire Fashion today.
Check out our style post showing Diana’s Simple Elegance coupled with TryingTwenties’ Accessories
It’s great for your budget and 
Pretty Enough for a Princess!


 We love you, Diana!
LIVE Life and Be Princess Pretty!
Aerika Eshelle

Trying to be Boho Chic…#Houston


How to Buy a Boho Bag

By the ChicFashionista

Most boho handbags are slouchy, made of natural materials like leather (faux or real, it doesn’t matter) or suede. The classic leather hobo handbags go with everything, while the more colorful ones (patchwork, prints, etc.) are great for adding a focal point to your outfit. Whatever bag you choose, if you want to look boho chic, make sure you buy the ones with vintage details such as braids, tassels and fringes. These details are often what define original bohemian style!

You can never go wrong with faux leather and faux suede in black, tan or dark brown. They are two versatile materials that look good with most outfits. By choosing the classics you’re free to play with other accessories like jewelry without messing up your outfit.

If you have a more eclectic bohemian style, try patch work designs or eye catching colors like mustard yellow, deep purple, and reds (anything that is a bit splashy) the better. Just  try to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Make sure you drop by the Fabulous $40 and Flirty $30 Handbag section on our site where you’ll find lots of boho chic handbag essentials great for your Fun life and Flirty outfits.

LIVE Life…and look fabulous!

Aerika Eshelle


Trying to Be #Trendy in #Houston


Trend Alert: Houston we have Fedoras!

They were all the buzz this weekend when I visited San Fran, but I noticed we are just getting the trend in Houston.  Well, where can I get one? I recently bought mine from a Shecky’s Event in Houston and the vendor happened to be from California.  So I jumped on my Store Manager, Angela, to order the stylish hats for the Summer.  Don’t you love me? 

Now you can get your Official Hatter Company Fedoras online.  They are only $25 bucks plus shipping and handling.  They are super cute and come in a few different colors to match every wardrobe.  Be sure to get yours today as we only have a limited supply in stock.  I even bought an ivory colored one and a brown one….LOL  Gettin’ high off my own supply, I guess! 

Polyvore can’t get enough of menswear-inspired staples, either. So it’s no surprise that the Fedora was featured on their site! It’s a great accessory that can work for any season with enough versatility to make any outfit super stylish. Check out Z-tHBoH’s suggestions on how to rock the fedora and have fun working it into your own look.
Trust me!  You can be Fabulous, Flirty and Fun with these looks.  Combine your style today with a Fedora and Handbag from our store.  Shop online at or on
LIVE Life….Do your Thang! The Sidewalk is your Runway! 
Aerika Eshelle

Trying to Find My Animalistic State…in #Houston


Here’s another event for our #Houston ladies.  Get on the Prowl in your Animal Print and have some FUN. This Sunday, March 27th, 2011, my Stylist, Ashley Ealasia of Bella Epique will be hosting a Ladies Night Out Event dawning a Fashion/Hair Show by Ms. Ashley, Cocktails, Dancing and Shopping.  Come out to the Meet My Stylist Mixer where the theme is Animal Print.  Who knew Ray J started something when he said “You got me at my most animalistic state.”  Now you have an excuse to leave the kids at home, step out in your animal print dress, top, shorts, and shoes and Be Flirty. 

Check out our style post below if you need to get your shop on before the event.  This will be a great evening soiree full of ambiance and FUN. Our Fabulous Store Manager, Angela, will be in the place so you can stop by and shop in person. Tell her I sent you!

Buy you $10 dollar tickets HERE.
Bella Epique Salon, Make Up Bar & Boutique
4819 Caroline St
Museum district
Houston, TX 77004

Items featured clockwise so you can be on your way to Being Fabulous, Flirty and Fun.

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Model with INC outfit – Animal Print Dress by INC at MACY’s. Join eBates to gain a % back on your order.

Fabulous Gold Dangle Earrings –– $10.00

Diva Couture Clutch in White – FlirtyThirty Store – $35.00

MAXSTUDIO Rodney Sandal – – $79.95

Fabulous Muted Gold Cuff-$10.00

LIVE Life…and Be Cute!

Aerika Eshelle

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Trying to Get into GAP…Part 2


We like style and savings. Don’t forget, you can still save through eBates today and earn 20% back on your online purchase!

Check out another one of our Style Post!  I took a GAP outfit and I’ve partnered it with a few accessories from Angel’s new fav store and our store.  Now this is my style because I like to keep it Flirty, yet Fashionista. 

Items featured clockwise so you can be on your way to Being

Fabulous, Flirty and Fun.

Click the links below to purchase pieces featured in this article:

Model with GAP outfit – Model has on GAP Roll Up Shorts! Join eBates to save 20% off your order.

Fabulous Gold and Beige Earrings –– $10.00

Fabulous Bronze and Gold Accent Bangle –$10.00 

Haute Flirty 45 Handbag – FlirtyThirty Store – $61.50

LIVE Life…and Be Cute!

Aerika Eshelle

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Trying to Get into GAP…


We like style and savings.  We’ve recently posted a few blogs featuring GAP and the savings they are offering you! You can still save through eBates today and tomorrow and earn 20% back on your online purchase!

Check out our Style Post. I like to look good and I think you do, too!  Here’s a GAP outfit that I’ve partnered with a few accessories from one of my new fav stores. This is definitely my style and great for stepping out around town with no particular place to go!  I believe those days are the best and can lead to FUN adventures and meeting FABULOUS people.

Items featured clockwise so you can be on your way to Fabulous, Flirty and Fun.  

Click the links below to purchase pieces featured in this article:

Model with GAP outfit –  Click HERE for complete outfit and pricing! Join eBates to save 20% off your order.

Glamour Girl Multi Color Earrings – FREE Shipping Everyday! Shop right on Store– $11.25 

Haute Couture 30 Handbag – FlirtyThirty Store -$64.75 “Like” the page for Fan Discount!

GAP Suede Wide Strap Wedge – Click HERE to purchase! – $89.50

Glamour Girl Muted Gold Cuff Bracelet – FlirtyThirty Store – $16.50


LIVE Life…Shop, Save and look Fabulous!

Angel Elexa

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