Trying to Say #ThankYouSteve…


As you know, we’ve lost a legend. Though he had a debilitating cancer, we just thought that when he retired, he’d just get some rest, feel better and come back.  Steve Jobs, was a guy that impacted our society and multiple generations with new technology and gadgets that we can’t live without.  You know you love your iPhone, iPods and iPads!  They have really changed how we communicate and  enjoy life!

Our bloggers have been talking a lot about finding and creating happiness and opportunities in our lives lately. Many of us in our TryingTwenties and FlirtyThirties are feeling inadequate in life due to how we have allowed ourselves to be treated in relationships, on our jobs and by other people.  We’re looking for excitement and joy during our quarter life crisis and need desperately to move past the dark feelings of just existing. 

Let’s take a look at Steve’s life to find some encouragement and remember his life. He endured 20 years of hard times trying to get Apple off the ground, a mere start-up company in his garage.  Success may not happen right when we want it, but persistence and dedication will yield results.  Steve Job’s never stopped believing in himself, his partners, his company and the initial dream.  If something grand is calling you, then embrace it and don’t hesitate to make a change!  When you go on to Glory, you will have left your mark on this world, like Steve did, with no regrets in pursuing your dreams.  

LIVE Life….and do what you love.


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