#Trying to Show Some Love…#Friends and @Sheckys



Kesharion “KeKe” Parker

To my girls…that is!  It’s National Girlfriend’s Day!

Hug your closest friends today and show them you care!

I couldn’t get through life without my besties!  Though they can get on my nerves and upset me six ways from Sunday, I know they’ve got my back.   You gotta appreciate all of them because they function as apart of your life in so many different ways.  There’s the friend you can always call when you wanna go out, go shopping, go to a movie, or just sit at home.  There’s the friend that you can always talk to about your boo, your momma and your cousin & them and they just get it.  Then there’s the friend that you can vent to, bitch at and in turn get some really good advice and they don’t think you’re just PMSing. 

That’s why I believe in Besties before Testes!  No one understands you like your girls…especially during your TryingTwenties.

Take the girls out tonight and tell them how much you appreciate them and have some fun!

LOVE Those Who Love You….Especially your girls!

How much do you love your girls?  Nominate them HERE for National Girlfriends Day!

We hope you nominate your fabulous girlfriends in August, and join us year-round on Sheckys.com and at our Girls Night Out events for a good dose of girl time!



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