#Trying to See #HarryPotter…


We are here at the most anticipated event of the year! Yeah, I said it. We are watching the ending of Harry Potter’s story tonight.

Actually, we were excited to be invited by Liquid Soul Media to preview the end of the magical era of wizardry, life lessons, friendships, and good vs. evil. Will Harry and his devoted sidekicks, Hermione and Ron, defeat Lord Voldemort and trump his return to power? IDK, but we love the imagery and the journey you go on while meeting new allies and reconnecting with old friends!

Plus, it’s nice to be VIP at one of my fav movies. We were greeted with a Legendary Adventure Book recapping all the movies, t-shirts, caps, keychains, Harry Potter Glasses and best of all premier select seating in our own non crowded theater! And the best thing of all is that we get to see Part 1 before seeing the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2.

I gotta go! No cell phones, right? Go see the midnight show of Harry Potter. It’s sure to be thrilling and entertaining.

LIVE Life…and get out the house!

Angel Elexa


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