#Trying to Get through the Week…#ICantGoADayWithout..


Constantly thinking about Friday and the tortuous 4 day journey to get to it!  What about you?  Monday’s are the worst and you just wake up mad because you had Sunday anxiety all day yesterday…..It creeps down in your soul and makes our attitude just funky knowing you have to get up and endure another week at work.  Anybody out there feeling me on this one?  My girl sent me this email and I thought it was hilarious…The perfect depiction of how the week goes! 

Monday – HATRED

Oh the joy of waking up to a new day and it’s Monday.  The dreaded of all days that signify the beginning of a long drawn out week.  Gotta deal with raggedy people on your job, at the stores, in traffic and at your kid’s school.  This is the day you have road rage the most and everyone drives slow because you are late for work.   Happy Freakin’ Monday!

Tuesday – TIRED

Well, it’s a little better today.  You survived Monday and you basically feel like you are about to wake up from the mental slumber you’ve been in.  You brain starts functioning and you don’t take everything so freakin’ seriously because they are not on your last nerve like on Monday.  Hang in there!  Hump day is around the corner.

We’ll hit you back on Wednesday with the how the rest of the week shapes up!

LAUGH About It….and Try to Make it through the Week 🙂  It’s not sooooo bad!

Keysharion “KeKe” Parker


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