Trying to Find My Way….Like #Oprah


Here’s something interesting my cousin just shared with me.  I immediately took the test below because I’m feeling like I’m missing my calling.  What is the greater meaning of having a career and what is the true purpose of work? Shouldn’t we enjoy what we do on a daily basis, shouldn’t we be excited about our tasks, shouldn’t it impact the world or help others, shouldn’t it more than just getting paid to pay bills each month?  Where is the passion for the 9-5 and when did it just become a J-O-B (a Just Over Broke)?

I’d almost be happy to just do something I loved at minimal pay (gotta keep the lights on at least), than make decent money and drone on throughout my day going through the motions.  Getting off work everyday is like a kid going to recess…Finally free to run and hang upside down on the monkey bars.  Why can’t finding a means of making money bring you joy?  I’ve heard it can, but what’s really holding us back from achieving that success and that happiness? 

Check out this Quick Quiz from Oprah!  She seems to have it together, right? 

Here’s what my results said.


Congratulations! You understand an important truth: Everyone feels fear. And you know that the secret to success is not letting fear stop you. With practice, you’ve developed the courage you need to move forward despite your anxieties. Your confidence will allow you to explore other paths and stay the course when you encounter bumps on the road.

Got any answers for our fellow TryingTwenties Sorors?   We’ll take the help! It seems that I apparently know to move forward, but I have to admit, I’ve had trouble finding what to move forward with…LOL  Oh well, I’ll keep soul searching, but for right now, I recognize the current J-O-B ain’t it.

What are your current struggles that may be holding you back?

LIVE Life…With Purpose!

Angel Elexa


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