Trying to Be Ready…#Endoftheworldconfessions


So obviously the world did not end.  I think most Christians realized from years of teaching that we know not the day nor the hour….Just saying!  On that note, I’m glad we are still here and have another day to live life to the fullest and hopefully get things right.  Plus, I think I was probably doing something sinful anyway on Saturday.  It was happy hour somewhere….whatevs!  We are still here…Thank God! 

So if you get mad easily, don’t read this post!  It was something funny I saw online of course and thought you might get a kick out of other people’s renditions of what the end would look like.  Take it with a grain of salt and just realize that some people’s sense of humors are incorrigible.  Twisted, but true!  What would your end of the world pic look like? 

LIVE Life…for real tho’


So have these people disappeared? Perhaps they just laid out clothes and took a picture. We found dozens of them on TwitPic, many encouraged by Gizmodo — here’s a sampling of the best: It’s Happening: Top 10 Rapture Bomb Pics.


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