Trying to #DoBigThings…


Can you even remember what you were doing at the age of 17? How about 21 or even 25? I know I wasn’t circumnavigating the world. I hadn’t even been overseas yet. Check out this amazing and inspiring story of a young lady who has yet to even reach her TryingTwenties. We can learn a thing or two from the the younger generation. Like Trying Something New and Not just Trying to achieve our dreams, but actually setting out a plan and doing it. I will take the lesson and set out to see more of the world this year and will attempt to build my own business to to a formidable place that will provide me freedom from Corporate America….LOL

Small potatoes, but I will reach my dream. How about you?

LIVE Life…and See the World

Angel Elexa
Excerpt from 5 Modern Day Adventurers
by Bryan Schatz on March 31, 2011

Jessica Watson – Circumnavigator
Jessica Watson was eleven years old when she first heard the story of Jesse Martin, the 18-year old who, in 1999, became the youngest person to complete a non-stop, solo circumnavigation of the globe. The story stuck with her, and by the time she was thirteen she informed her parents that she intended to do the same thing. Watson’s trip was controversial before it even began, with many critics fuming over the debate of “how young is too young?” She was too inexperienced, too immature, and far too young to endeavor into something so dangerous, they claimed. To add fuel to their fire, during a sea trial, her sailboat, Ella’s Pink Lady, collided with a 63-ton, 738-foot bulk carrier, which resulted in a broken mast that she had to tend to before her official launch. Having dealt with the problem successfully and with confidence, she later wrote that, “Any doubts about whether I could cope mentally…vanished.” It wasn’t all smooth sailing after that first collision either; she experienced a “ferocious” Atlantic storm “with 4 knockdowns in one night…winds over 75 knots and waves of 15 meters and higher.” Nevertheless, On March 15, 2010, after sailing for 210 days straight, Jessica Watson became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world–solo, unassisted, and non-stop. She completed her circumnavigation when she landed in Sydney Harbor three days before her seventeenth birthday. Yeah, she did this at the age of sixteen. Since returning, a documentary film has been made about her voyage, and she has written a book titled True Spirit.


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