Trying to Get Outta da House…


If you don’t already know….I’m a professed Concert Whore.   Concerts are the drugs in which I pheen and Music is my Pimp!  Anybody good coming to the city, I pretty much have to see! From old school to new school, from independent to mainstream artists, from r&b to country to hip hop to alternative to jazz to pop, I wanna hear it and experience it all.  I even go to the extreme of making my own concert t-shirts.  My Jay-Z tee dawned his artistically designed album track list and I have a Snoop Dogg tee that I wear everytime I see him in town.

The point it, Concerts are why I work, live and breathe.  I love the energy, the thrill of standing in the stands, and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care….Oh Yeeaaahhh!  I’m mesmerized by talent….voice ranges, acapella selections, instrument solo’s, word sequences in raps, the rhythm, the beat, the choreagraphy, the lights and the total production. 

Yes sir, a concert whore. I own it and I love it.  Last year I was blasted on Facebook for talking about all the concerts I attended. The reader said that’s all we talked about and we should branch out more.  Well to me, music is my way of branching out and learning different cultures, vibes, and ways of life.  Words through song mean something and the way they are expressed from an artist’s view point can be legendary…Needless to say she’s not a fan anymore….HAHA.  That’s why I’ma keep doing what I do.  Going to concerts and taking you with me.  Meet me there, let’s hang out and experience some beautiful music together.

Here is a concert to look out for in your city.  But for right now, I’m gonna talk to my ladies in H-Town, Texas.  Go see this dude perform. Take your boo, you both will enjoy it.  This guy is the Grammy nominated King of Independent Music, Eric Roberson.  This dude has some awesome R&B music. If you like the smooth sounds of Musiq Soulchild and Anthony Hamiliton, then you’ll love Eric.   Check out his next perfomance brought to you by the Soulcial Series. Eric will be here in Houston on March 26, 2011 at Ground Hall.  He’ll be with another music sensation, Avery*Sunshine, she’s a good look on the piano.  Remember the motto, Try something new! 

Mar 26, 2011 7:00 pm | Saturday
Venue – Ground Hall
123 Hall
Houston, TX 77031

I’ll be there with my homeade t-shirt and everything.  I love this guy!

LIVE Life and LOVE Music!

Aerika Eshelle


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