Trying to Aspire for MORE


I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to New York. This trip means more to me than just reuniting with college friends, but it’s about wanting more from my life and deciding to take the next steps to have the things I desire for me.

You may think that sounds extreme for the premise of a trip, but I’ve decided that 2011 is my year of US travel. I am 30 and I’ve never been to NYC. I decided that needed to change quickly.

As I peruse magazine racks in the airport, I run across a magazine called MORE…For Women of Style and Substance. Well of course, I want that! I want it all these days! I want everything that my twenties didn’t give me! I want style, substance, flare and a new life. Not that this one has been bad, but I’m definitely ready for MORE.

I’m actually traveling within the US this year to learn about new cities, what places are exciting, and hopefully find the place that may become my new home next year. I’m ready for MORE culture, more job opportunities, more wealth, more joy, more love and just a change!

I haven’t been happy in my current city for over 5 years! BUT I have had no real reason to leave.  However, there is no real reason to stay. I left when I was 19 to attend school in Illinois and my first job brought me back home and I’ve been feeling stuck eversense. 5 years of waiting and pushing for things to happen and still nothing has gone according to my plan. I have a house, but no one to share it with. A decent job, but I’m undervalued. Great friends, but we don’t get together much. Things to do, but it feels like its becoming the same old things. Had some dates, but the guys seem so lazy. The city is vast, but it’s so slow. See nothing bad, but nothing great to stay for! I feel like a new life is calling me and I have to answer to reach my full potential. I’ve even thought about joining the peace core!

I just need MORE, the BEST for me and to be out of this quarter life crisis! Tell me where you live and what’s awesome about your town. I may just visit your city next!

LIVE Life…and always be grateful for MORE!

Angel Elexa


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