Trying to Listen to the Children…


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 Well, Ladies, out of the mouth of this lil’ babe comes smart and intutive insites about being married and having a career.  She sounds like she’s on her way to being a Single, Sexy, Independent Chick already.  Wait until she gets to be a TryingTwenty Soror in 15 years.  Hopefully life doesn’t change her tune.  Because ladies, we all know the vision for our lives doesn’t always go according to plan.  Hopefully, that will mean that she meets the man of her dreams, he’s rich and doesn’t require her to work.  Or hopefully it means, that she goes on to live out all her dreams and has much success in an interesting career that she has designed for herself.  

It’s funny, in this day and age you need a job to do things you want to do.  It’s even become an epedimic that we can’t even afford to get married or we think twice about having kids because of the budget.  So Ladies, I ain’t mad at this little sis.  She’s smart at 5 years old.  And I definitely support the idea of knowing how to take care of one’s self. It’s good to know how to make a plan, live on a budget and pay bills alone.  The independence adds to your sexy and it helps when you’re a plus one down the road.

What do you think ladies? I know at 30, I’m ready to be married and not have to work though.  I’ve been doing the Single, Sexy and Independent thing for a long while now and It would be nice to have some help! I’d like to live in a world where work is an option and not mandatory to sustaining life….LOL

LIVE Life and LAUGH About it!

Angel Elexa


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