Trying to Make an Adjustment…


To my life.  I was invited to a special screening event hosted by Liquid Soul Media  for the new movie The Adjustment Bureau. You may have seen previews with the hot Matt Damon, but you will never imagine the multitude of twists and turns that await the avid movie watcher. 

Don’t doubt the enticement of this movie and pass on seeing it. It’s not like anything we’ve seen in our generation….and that’s saying a lot.  As a movie connoiseur, Hollywood uses cookie cutter themes to make 3D movies to impress and draw us in, but what about the story being the basis of our excitement and not all the effects?  George Nolfi rewrote and directed this thriller, sci-fi, action, romance to provide our society something  so exciting and so different that I’m blogging  from my IPhone to encourage you to see this movie opening night on March 4th.  

Impressed is truly the word of the evening and I’m not usually a writer of profound thought until something makes me think….Well, I guess I’m always contemplating life.  It’s what us Twenty and Thirty somethings do. The Adjustment Bureau seeks to explain the questions that our human race struggles with daily….Do we really have free will and do our lives follow a divine order? And most importantly, how does each decision effect life scenarios as we battle between the two?

Most of us believe in a higher power, but how much does he/she control and allow when it comes to the path you are supposed to be on? Do we ever reach our destiny if we do not follow the plan or do we have a say in how our lives go and we help create the plan? Is that divine power ultimately waiting on us to respond and/or implement the plan? The bigger question is  would you go against the plan to get what you were supposed to have anyway?!

I know what I believe and I have admit this movie made me look at some things with a more enlightened view point. I encourage all my Trying Twenties and Flirty Thirty Sorors to get outta the house and see this movie.  There is something for everyone.  Grab your Boo, your girls, and your homies and go to this movie. Be encouraged by it and take time to evaluate your thoughts and realign your life to what’s most important.

Watch the trailer here:  http://youtu.be/wZJ0TP4nTaE 

Will you allow free will to help you push, push, push to accomplish what you feel strongly about or will you allow divine order to write and lay out the path you should follow? Somehow, in some weird way, I think it can be both.

Go see The Adjustment Bureau premiering March 4th and let me know your thoughts. 

We know expressing beliefs can be a touchy subject, but please don’t be rude. Respect our fellow sorors and their beliefs when commenting.

Live life…and let the plan play out. You’re destined for greatness!

Angel Elexa


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