Trying to Heat up the Holidays…


It’s that time of year again and we want to spend time with those that are dear to us. It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your dough. You’ve probably already spent enough on gifts, but you still want go out and have some fun, too. Check out these low to no cost holiday suggestions for some cost efficient dates with your boo this holiday season. Don’t have a boo? That’s okay, too. Some of these you can do with your homegirls and have just as much fun…LOL

Holiday Date Ideas

1. Looking at Christmas Lights

Taking a stroll to enjoy the lights can evoke warm feelings amongst the two of you and help rekindle the flame. There is wonder and awe in seeing the lights and the glow will make you look awesome!  Make sure to pack your coat, scarves, mittens and cocoa.  (If you’re in Houston, just pack a light jacket and an iced latte)!

2. Holiday Baking

Okay, who doesn’t love baked goods at Christmas.  Get your guy in the kitchen and create some awesome decorated gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  Use cookie cutters in cute holiday shapes. Can’t beat spending time together and heating up yet another area of the house 😉   Want to add a bonus to your date, take a batch to the little old lady down the way.  It’ll make you both feel good!

3. Ice Skating

Now here’s something that most men have tried and maybe have vowed to not try again.  But, with your feminine wilds, you can persuade him to hold your hand and get out there on the ice.  It’s sweet and romantic, think of the movies with those scenes of where boy falls, girl tries to help him up and she falls too.  At least she fell into his arms, right?!  Could be a promising date.  Just don’t get bruised up too bad out there.

4. Decorate a Christmas Tree

Here’s something fun that you can do together and you get to see how well you work together.  Putting the tree up and adding personal touches that remind you of fun times together will help you remember why you like each other.  Is this your first Christmas together?  Then commemorate the event with personalized stockings to hang by the fireplace.  The joy is seeing the completed work of art.  Sit together and look at your tree shine in all it’s Christmas splendor. 

5. Volunteer

Don’t know what to get your boo for Christmas?  How about some days of giving back to those less fortunate.  This will strengthen your bond with him and remind you both how lucky you are to have each other.  Check out your local food banks and clothing donation centers.  Does your boo like to build things?  Here’s one that I like. Try Elves and More if you live in the Houston Area.  You get to build Children’s bikes for local area youth.  You actually put on the handle bars and tires for a deserving child.  This opportunity will definitely help you see one another in a different light and will make you feel good about each other and what you’ve accomplished.

6. Christmas Movie Night

Sit by the fire and watch cheesy holiday movies.  The best ones are on cable networks like Lifetime and ABC Family.  Okay, your boo may not like some of these, but your girls may.  Get some holiday wassle or eggnog and those cookies you made and curl up on the sofa.  Here are some of our favs below that are guy friendly:

■White Christmas
■The Bishop’s Wife or The Preacher’s Wife
■Elf, Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
■Peanut’s Christmas or any of those old school animation movies
■A Christmas Story

Tell us what you end up doing!  You gotta enjoy the holiday and there is nothing wrong with being cheap about it.


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