Trying to be a Good Friend…


I visited my favorite city this weekend and was fortunate to stay with two of my very good friends as we hung out in the city, hit up festivals, ball games, pizza places, karaoke, and watched fireworks on the shore.  I had an amazing time in this adopted city.  I am not only thankful for the time away from home, but I am truly Thankful for all the Good Friends in my life that look out for me, that knew me when I was younger, and have been there to grow with me during my twenties.

During my visit a very good question came up about how we view things and the presence of people in our lives.   Does God bring good people into your life or do we just gravitate to people like us that are like-minded? 

Have you asked HIM for good friends or do potential friends come and go out of your life for analysis and you decide if they are worthy enough to be apart of you life?

I would hope HE is looking out for me in this very aspect of my life, but I also hope I have used the common sense HE gave me to decipher when friends are just in my life for A Reason, A Season, And/Or  A Lifetime.

Whatever the case may be, be a good friend to those that are worthy and I believe you’ll be blessed abundantly with the things that matter most….Good stories to share, good laughs to be had, and just all around good times with others that love you back.

My friends and I often mention when something funny happens to us that we’ll sit around and reminisce later and say “Remember that time when….” and then fill in the blank with whatever hilarious story we experienced “x” amount of years ago. 

Tell us what your “Remember that time when…” story is that makes you die laughing every time you are with your crew.  The best story wins… 🙂

LIVE Life, LAUGH About it, LOVE Those who love you back!

Angel Elexa


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