Trying to be Like Right…Freebies for Dad on Father’s Day


If you have a dad and love him or you have a father and just kinda like him, then here are some free places to go if you are on a budget or just don’t wanna spend too much money on him.  

I know that is wrong, huh?  Not everyone was blessed to have a bomb relationship with their father, but if you don’t, I would urge you to try to rectify the relationship in your Twenties.   Just take him for ice cream at TCBY.

BUT, if  your dad is your night in shining armor and you have him wrapped around your pinky, then treat him to a dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse. 

Me, I’m taking my dad to the movies….Remember those free coupons I sent out a few weeks back to City Centre?  Booyah….Father/Daughter date to dinner and a movie.  What?!  A sista is on a budget…LOL  I love him, though.  That’s my dad!

Freebies for Dad on Father’s Day June 20.


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