Trying to See the Ladies’ Man…


Well, if you don’t already know, Joe is coming to Houston.  We tell you about concerts all the time we think you should see because they are legends in their game or they are about to be top dogs in the industry. 

If you don’t know already, Joe is a TOP DOG in the R&B industry and many of you have probably been in love with him or with someone and his songs have influenced that bond.   This seven time Grammy nominated singer/producer has been in the industry since the early 90’s.  You probably remember him best for his singles from his 1997 album, All the Things Your Man Won’t Do, The Love Scene, and Don’t Wanna Be a Player.  And I know you remember watching his nasty videos on BET at night on Midnight LOVE…LOL

Truth is, we love Joe for his sultry voice and his “I will treat you right” lyrics.  We are happy to have him in Houston at the Horn, this Saturday, June 12th.  And we’re telling you about it, because it is only 20 bucks to get in and hear a one hour concert.  You can’t beat that! And you can’t beat seeing an R&B legend in the making for that amount, either. 

Let me know if you go.  I’ll be there.

Aerika Eshelle


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