Trying to be Well Read…Free Weekly eBooks


We love deals and getting something for not much.  Check out the newest deal from Barnes and Noble to kick up your summer reading.  They are offering you a free eBook download each week for the next 5 weeks.  Here’s the catch, you have to go in the store and show them your Iphone, Ipad or other phone device that carries the B&N eReader Application.  Once the associate sees your device, they will provide you with a code that you must place in your B&N application to begin reading. 

Not bad for Free!  This week’s book looks cute.  It’s a story about a Mother and Daughter.  Of course the daughter, Tessa is in her late Twenties and being hounded about settling down, all while the mom is having issues with her squandered retirement fund that her husband embezzled before he died.  RACEY, right, but could be good.  If you don’t like it, remember it’s FREE….Stop being picky!  You can’t have everything for nothing…LOL

Let me know if you read it.  I’m going  Saturday to claim my eBook.  I would love to discuss it with you.  It’s just another excuse to stare into my iPhone and be addicted to it.

Check out this link below for more information and links.  Free Weekly eBooks from Barnes & Noble.

LIVE Life….and read all about it.

Aerika Eshelle


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