Trying to Sneak…Into the Movies and Outta the House…


Okay ladies,  I’m not supposed to be blogging, but I couldn’t pass up sharing these deals with you!!

Whichever city you are in that has a Studio Movie Grill, you and a guest can see a movie Free.  They are giving 2 passes away to see movies until July 1st.  Check out the link and print your pass.  I wanted to let you know before the weekend arrived.  Print as many as you like, just make sure the barcode keeps changing. 

I’ll be out at the new City Centre-Houston.  Where will you be?


Oh and on a side note, for those ladies that live in Here  and want to explore the City of Houston, Groupon is offering a special today for a discount 45 day membership to Bayou City Outdoors.  This is a group that enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking, riding bikes on trails, rollerblading, and hiking.  They are even planning a trip to Costa Rica.  Singles and/or marrieds may enjoy this time to get to know others in the area and have some fun outdoors.  Okay, ladies I know it is getting hot in HOUSTON and you don’t wanna mess up the hair dos,  but this is a great $12 expenditure and you don’t have to redeem it until October….BUT you have to BUY TODAY!!  Click the link below to purchase.  You’ll find the deal on the right side of today’s actual deal.


Okay, I’m out.  Don’t miss these deals!  See, we keep you in the know and not just about Teeny Bopper Concerts…LOL  I’m out before I get in trouble…Aerika Eshelle


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