An Important Notice for Trying Twenties’ Facebook Fans….


Hi Trying Twenties Fans,

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know we love you!  If you’re new to the page welcome!  We love having you with us! 

It has been brought to my attention that there was a recent post that messed up the vibe of this page. I am the manager of the store and do not blog. I have hired Angel (29), KeKe (26) and Aerika (23) to do this for me.  They are here to make you laugh, encourage, enlighten and hang out with you.

I trust their posts and often find them funny, immature, and grown and sexy all at the same time.  This is how we are in our Twenties. None of us have it ALL figured out yet and it is my bloggers’ job to make everyone welcome on this page.

The post in question was rude and those type of posts will not be tolerated. We are all here to learn from each other, laugh at our mess ups, and help each other futher along in this life.  Though the comment was valid, it was the presentation that was the issue.  Please do not make any of our community members feel Degraded or Stupid.  The question was asked, “What is wrong with you guys?!” Nothing is wrong with my team or the ladies in this community.  They were also told to “Grow up”. We are in our Twenties and that’s what we are trying to help you do…Grow up through the second decade of life.

You  become fans of this page knowing that none of us NEED a man, we’re all either single, dating, or married, in school, out of school, or contemplating going back, trying to find ourselves, that perfect job, and purpose and keep, get rid of or make new friends. And we like going out to clubs, church, hanging with our girls, hitting up museums, concerts, frat parties, hiking, shopping, etc….Don’t judge anyone! 

I feel my team of Bloggers have done an excellent job gaining new members, keeping the posts relevant, and keeping you from sitting on the sofa every weekend, especially if you live in Houston, TX.  They have added numerous pages of posts on FB and WordPress since I decided to brand my store.  My concern is that this former fan joined when my bloggers were having a “not so profound post” moment.  The fan didn’t bother to read the other pages or our blog.

With that being said, please explore the other pages of posts and answer some of those questions, and like some of those comments.  We have assured you numerous times via updates that we encourage you to post and welcome it.  But please don’t complain when we are not providing what you think we should.  You know my bloggers will even talk with you and respond.

There is something for everyone here!  On that note, I’m sending my bloggers on hiatus until the weekend. Look out for us in the news feed at the end of the week.  If there is anything you would like to say to the other ladies,  please feel free to comment and post, but please be polite!

Angela (not to be confused with Angel)…..LOL

Remember the motto, LIVE Life, LAUGH About it, LOVE Those who love you back…(no stalkers, please)!


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