Trying to be Fabulous for Summer


You know you are ready to kick it this summer, whether by the pool, at an outdoor concert, evening out with the girls, or on a date with your boo! Whether you are out of school for the summer or working your 9-5, you want to be fly when you are out and about!  Let us help you be your achieve Fabulosity!

Here’s a cute outfit from Nordstrom’s Junior’s Department that we think is a perfect summer ensemble that transcends the young, mid, and late Twenties dress code.  It gets our vote for Fabulous, Flirty and Fun!  Check it out today!

Since the model is not carrying a handbag or wearing any accessories, we decided to show you how to glam up the outfit with items from our store.   Try adding some Dangles that hail from our Flirty and Fun line.  They will enhance and compliment the turquoise and orange tones  in the Fabulous outfit above.  Both pair of Flirty earrings retail for $10.  Be sure to join our Facebook page and watch out for special deals coming your way through Google Checkout!

And don’t you need a Handbag to complete the outfit?  We thought so.  Check out two of our favs that we felt would compliment this outfit nicely.  This first Fun purse can go from work to play and is the more trendy yet conservative option.   The second Fun handbag is more of playful option for that poolside destination, as it is large enough to hold everything from your shades, bottled water, ipod, sunscreen to beach towel and bathing suit.  We like multiple uses for a product…LOL

Check out these Fabulous, Flirty and Fun items today!  We’d love to help you look Gorgeous this Summer!

Aerika Eshelle

Trying Twenties.com   Facebook.com/tryingtwenties   Twitter.com/tryingtwenties

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