Trying to Get Outta the House…


I don’t know when I became a major hip hop head, but I love the dudes in the baggy jeans, tims, and tilted baseball cap, that possess that extra swagger.  Here are 4 concerts in the H-Town that are getting some major buzz from me.  I’ll be in the place and I expect you to broaden your music horizons and show up to the spots.   Bring your crew….Black, White, Asian, Hispanic.  There is always someone in each of those groups that’ll suprise you and know more lyrics and song titles than you!

Holla at me if you wanna roll to any of these venues to see these Amazing Artists.

Tuesday, May 11th – Mystikal

Why all of a sudden a concert? Back from jail, I presume.  But I have read that his show is off the freakin’ chain and the reviews said he does not dissapoint.  Tickets are selling pretty quickly because we have a major following from the Louisiana natives here in the H.  I’m sure this will be a night to remember.  If anything, it will take you back to your college days at the Frat parties. 

See Mystikal live at House of Blues.  Get the floor level tickets for about $36, including taxes and fees.  You don’t wanna be sitting down for this one.  Gotta “Shake Yo’ Ass“, but “Watch Yourself”.

Wednesday, May12th – Talib Kweli

Okay, so you gotta be real into music to like this dude and see him in concert, but if you know nothing about hip hop, then start out with a concert with this dude. Talib Kweli has been on the scene for a minute, but I first heard him in College from my Chi town crew. 

You may know him for producing an album with Mos Def.   “Kweli brought along Hi-Tek to produce their first and only album, 1998’s Mos Def and Talib Kweli Are Black Star. The album, released amidst a late ’90s renaissance of conscious, Afrocentric hip hop, was immediately hailed by critics and achieved modest mainstream success. When Kweli and Mos Def parted ways shortly thereafter, Kweli and Hi-Tek continued their Reflection Eternal partnership on the 2000 album Train of Thought

See Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek at Warehouse Live.  Tickets are $28.00 a piece including taxes and fees.



Friday, May 28th – Common & Biz Markie


Who doesn’t love this dude?  He his mythodical and just so damn cool.  His music evokes thought in a lyrical flow like  non other.   I have loved him since college, too.  Especially when he teamed up with the lovely ladies of Neo Soul and R&B…Lauryn Hill, Mary J, and you know that Erykah Badu track featuring Common when they were dating back in the day?. ..LOL 

AND Common plays a really good bad boy in a few of our fav shows and movies…..Like Brown Sugar, American Gangstar, Wanted, Date Night, and the new movie coming out May 14th, Ms. Wright. 

See Common and Biz Markie at Warehouse Live.  Tickets are about $46.00 a piece including taxes and fees.



Tuesday, June 8th – Nas

Okay, this dude is a little hard to love at times.  You know he battled my boy, Jigga, back in the day and they had this nasty rap argument over who was the king of NY and hip hop.  Then we all know he did our girl, Kelis, dirty….And made us think they were gonna be the first couple of hip hop.  Forget Jigga and Beyonce, I was rootin’ for Kelis and Nas.  Then he went crazy somewhere in there and just fell off the map.

Hence, why I guess he is back in concert and trying to make us remember why we liked him in the first place.  You remember that album back in the day that actually was hot.  It was the late 90’s and 2000’s, but he did the damn thing on the track.   Ya’ll remember that album…I Am.  And you know we all loved him in Belly.  That was my movie.  So I’ll support the dude and see where he’s coming from now.  If anything, proceeds will probably help to pay child support to his baby mama, Kelis.  And I support that….LOL

See Nas at Warehouse Live.  Tickets are about $44.00 a piece including taxes and fees.


See you there….Get outta the house.    Holla at us if you are coming through. 

LIVE Life…And kick it a little bit.




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