Trying to Show Some Love…


To our Very Studius and Supreme Trying Twenties Sista, Katie Washington.  She will proudly accept the title and role of Valedictorian at the very prestigious Notre Dame at Graduation in May.

When we heard about this Little Lady Doing Big Things, the Trying Twenties Team was too excited. We wanted you to know that this is what it’s all about!

We all go through the struggle in our Twenties with school, work, relationships and family, but when our prayers are answered and our wildest dreams come true, then you have got to send some praise up to HIM and out to the person who made it through.  Katie Washington,  We HEART You! 

Just from the other news stories we have read, you have become instant family.  Katie seems like an humble, sweet soul that worked diligently towards a goal and her hard work paid off exponentially.   Thank you for encouraging other ladies trying out their twenties to succeed and overcome beyond the norm that is predicted for us. Living out our dreams and doing well at it is the premise we believe in most.

If you haven’t heard or don’t know yet, Katie Washington is a 21 year old Fabulous, Flirty, Fun, biology major.  She minors in Catholic social teaching and worked earnestly to achieve and maintain a 4.0 GPA.

“I am humbled,” said Washington to the Northwest Indiana Times. “I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now.”

Being the first black Valedictorian, Katie plans on moving on to another program for her medical degree.   I’m proud to see that she comes from a strong family that brought her up right.  Doesn’t the below statement sound like your momma, too?!…LOL

“Katie works so hard,” Washington’s mother Jean Tomlin said. “I told her when she went to Notre Dame, ‘You are representing your family, your church and the city of Gary. Make us proud.'”

I think she made her family Exuberently Proud.  I bet her mom will pull a Clair Huxtable at the Graduation and shout “That’s My Baby!” as Katie walks across the stage.  If I knew you, Katie, I’d be there too taking pictures!  “I have had so much support, people who really wanted to see that I reached my full potential,” Washington told nwitimes.com. “They all had my best interest at heart.”  Baby girl,  that is a blessing in itself and we can’t say any more how awesomely excited we are for you. 

Apparently, Ms. Katie comes from a long line of medical professionals.  Her father is a doctor, her mother and sister are nurses, one brother is completing his residency and another brother works for British Petroleum.   Katie, what’s up with those, brothers?  I’m a good Christian Single Lady looking for a good man from a good family….LOL  Sorry, this is not about me, but I’m just saying???

Live it up, pull out your “Get ’em, girl!” dress, dust off your stilletos and “Drop it like it’s Hot” for 2 seconds after Graduation.  After that, get back to class!!  Knock ’em dead with that big, beautiful smile of yours, too!

Katie Washington, Enjoy this moment and let us know if you need anything.  Trying Twenties is here to help! 

If anyone reading this post knows Katie Washington of Notre Dame.  Tell her to contact us through the comments.  We want to send her something for Graduation. 

LIVE Life….and keep your nose in those books!  Thanks for inspiring my Trying Twenties readers, Blog Team and Me!

Angel Elexa


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