Trying to Understand…


So Here I go….I gotta speak on an old subject, but put a new twist on this jokah. We all have crushed in our lives before, but this shit…these days… has gotten real outta control.

The ladies and I call this new phenom the Mini Mind Affair.   We say it’s mini because when it first starts out, you pro’lly won’t do anything, or even act on it.  It’s just those beginning thoughts of someone that got you looking crazy and wondering what could be.

You know we only started sweatin’ the topic because the crew and I saw Why Did i Get Married, Too? this weekend.   If you haven’t seen the movie yet, Carry your behind and go see it.  Even if you’re single and tired of seeing that shit, Go see this!  You can actually learn a thing or three….for real! 

So you know that Tyler’s wife in the movie, basically had a Mini Mind Affair with a co-worker at her law firm.  Everybody, throughout the whole movie, I kid you not, was trippin’ off of how radiant she looked and how she had a glow.  So you thought it was because of Tyler….NO, NO, NO.  That’s who it should’ve been, but this chick was pheenin’ for another brotha.  

It’s amazing to me, how one person can send you into a downward spiral of happiness that you ain’t supposed to have.  That person can brighten your dreariest of days, make you wanna be fly on your fugliest, worst period days, and can have you cheesin’ in a meeting where your client just fired you.   You just don’t give a damn about any of the raggedy shit going on in your everyday life…..All because of one person. 

I mean you know when you’re havin’ a Mini Mind Affair when:

1.  Your mind runs rampid with daydreams about the possibilities of how they are going to make you smile that day.

2.  Gettin’ too excited when the dream actually comes true….You get flowers at the office, they ask you to lunch, they call you on your work phone.  

3.  You rockin’ your pencil skirt and your stillettos when you know you got corns on yo’ baby toes.

4.  You take extra care about gettin’ the crust out your eyes in the morning and actually run a comb through the hair. 

5.  You wear your sexy drawers now and  NOT the period panties. 

6.  You don’t even recognize yourself.  It’s like a new person has come to live in your body.

7.  Things you would normally give a damn about doing, you do anyway…..

Now all those things can be good and sweet… if you’re single. You may need that pick me up from another single person especially if it’s been a minute.   But if you’re married, Watch your back.  Don’t get caught up.! 

Facebook and locks on the Cells have made the Mini Mind Affair way to easy and with those applications, it can turn into a full blown affair.  Guard your heart and watch who you’re giving your time to. 

It’s funny for real, how thoughts can turn your world upside down…real quick!  I had a guy friend say recently “Facebook is the Devil”.  Funny, I fo’ sho’ believe it.  

Anything can be the Devil though, if you allow it.  Get your mind, right ladies.  Crushing is cool, just don’t be the other woman!

Comment and tell us about your Mini Mind Affair! 

LIVE Life, LOVE those who CAN Love you back…(no married people, please)!

Kesharion “KeKe” Parker


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