Trying to Roll Out…


We’ve all the seen the movie where a young, small town girl finds love and excitement when she joins her local roller derby team.  This is the way to add some drama to your life.

Whip it was Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut featuring Ellen Page (Juno) as Babe Ruthless and Eve as Rosa Sparks.  You gotta love the rowdiness of this sisterhood!!

And if that’s the case….and you loved the movie, then you can experience the sisterhood locally with the Houston Roller Derby!  Don’t miss the season opener this Saturday, March 20th.

In its fifth season, Houston Roller Derby is debuting 21 talented rookies to fill the ranks and deliver the kind of brawling you want  to see in real life.  Be at Kick’s Indoor Soccer tomorrow to see the first bout at 7 p.m featuring the Psych Ward Sirens…..Awesome name, right?! 

Tickets are $12 in advance here.  You must purchase today by 5pm. $15 charge at the door. Kick’s is located at 611 Shepherd.

Find out more about the rules here and how the game is played here.  It is sure to be a different type of fun.  Gather your crew and support this All Girl Sporting Event. This is something you DEFINATELY don’t see on ESPN with your man.

Can’t go tomorrow…Neither can I, but I’ll for sure be at the April game.  Check out their other games below:

2010 Home Schedule
 March 20, 2010
 April 17, 2010
 May 15, 2010
 June 19, 2010
 July 17, 2010
 August 21, 2010
 September 18, 2010

LIVE Life…and Kick some Ass!

Aerika Eshelle


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