Trying to be Discovered….


Aerika invited me to see a sneek preview of the new romantic comedy She’s Out of My League that opens in movie theaters TODAY. Being “Forever Single”  it seems,  I was truly not excited to see another goofy couple fall in love and live happily ever after. But Free is Free, so I gave it chance.

Most of the movie trailers for SOOML are geared towards  lowly dudes who feel they can never get a chick as hot as Molly played by Alice Eve. But after seeing the movie, I want to give my Trying Twenties perspective on it.

Let’s take a look at it from the Ladies’ view point. Molly is a Fabulous Find for a guy who feels like he is only a 5. However, in the movie you begin to realize that she has her own vulnerabilities, even though she’s made out to be a 10. As I watched the movie, it was amazing how much she had in common with many of my friends and myself that are Awesomely Fabulous and yet, STILL waiting on our awesome guy.

Molly’s character is a mature, mid-twenties Fabulous, Flirty, and Fun chick that has a great career, great apartment and seemingly wonderful life. She had dated guys that were tens, but here’s the kicker….They have placed her on the “Perfect” Pedestal and STILL treated her poorly because they didn’t know what to do with all her Awesomeness! Sounds familiar, right, Ladies? I mean, have you ever seen old friends from high school or college and the first thing they ask you is “Why are you STILL single? I thought someone would’ve snatched you up by now.” Funny how that goes, especially when they continue to tell you “You’re the type of woman that any man would be proud to have as his wife and you’re exactly the type of girl that they would want to take home to meet moms.” Really?! Could’ve fooled me!

It seems these days, it’s harder for the everday, pretty girl, with a great sense of humor to get a guy that can actually grow with her and care enough to get to know her. I mean, I think highly of my Single Sorors, because we have good home training, we love the LORD, have straight teeth and good hygeine, we actually like sports and beer…AND have great sense of humors and a wonderful outlook on life. I guess having established a personality is a penalty, but we JUST think it’s better than crying about being alone….LOL Come on Ladies, Are you single because you’re Amazing, or are you Amazing because you’re single? Think about it!

In this movie, you realize no one is truly a perfect ten. We all have stress, fears, and physical and emotional imperfections. Many of us just need for someone to deal with every part of us and not just the superficial pieces. Men say they want it all, but can they really handle it all?

So let’s not use the Ratings system. Chances are we’ll have to deduct points for Crazy anyway. And it just goes to show that when ratings are forced upon a relationship, it can really go down hill quickly before you have established, what could have been, a fun-get to know you-period that could turn into your happily everafter.

Check out the movie site here and get rated. I’m a 9, of course! That’s apparently why I’m still Super Single…LOL I need to find a guy who’s like a 4!

So when someone asks you, “Why is a girl like you all alone?”, just remember, you’re not lost, you’re just Undiscovered. See the movie and you’ll know why!

OR you can get KeKe on them and say “Persue Me, Love Me and Marry Me, Fool. That’ll make everybody else Shut it Up!”

Check out artist James Morrison below. His music was featured in the movie. We HEART this song!

LIVE Life…And don’t be afraid to find love, EVEN a 4, 5 or 6…LOL

Angel Elexa


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