Trying to Be or Not to Be….YOU


Do you have an Alter Ego? You know Beyonce’ has Sasha Fierce, Mary J. has Brook, and if I had one, mine would be KeKe (the other writer on this blog). Your Alter Ego is your excuse to Act Bad, crazy, ignorant, and wild without damaging your usual dignified persona. Or, as my homegirl says, “Naw, you just have MPD…Multiple Personality Disorder…And you need to get that checked”.

Point is, if you have someone else that shares your mental space we want to let you know that there is an opportunity to take them public and show off how awesome they look. Alter Ego pics are all the rage now and have been seen on some of our fav shows, such as America’s Next Top Model. Some big celebrities have even taken the opportunity to personify their Alter Ego in portrait as well.  D. Blanks, is the photographer that has put these type of photos on the map and has you guessing “Who’s that, girl?”. 

Check out Necole Bitchie replicating a few of our fav artists.  She’s a gossip columnists in NY and has every right to depict the people she loves most.  Necole is Rockin’ her pics as Jigga, Beyonce’ and Nicki Minaj?

The Question remains “Who’s your Alter Ego?”  Check out this event to personify the bad girl you love the most…You. We know you are not a celebrity and can’t afford D. Blanks,  but BIO Event Planning is bringing this event to H-Town on March 20th.  It’s only $150 bucks and they’ll help you come up with a concept for a small fee.  But you’re creative…Get with your girls one night and hash it out. 

Package Includes:

  • 2 looks ( 2 alter egos)
  • Changing Area
  • Make-Up by Lips and Lashes
  • Photography by JDB Imaging
  • 1- 11x 14 size framed Alter Ego Photo
  • 1 disk of all your photos taken at the Alter Ego Photo Shoot
  • Free admission to the Reveal Party (location to be disclosed at a later date)
  • You must provide all of the costumes needed for your shoot.  If you need assistance or would like a costume put together for you, please let us know at least two weeks prior to the shoot (an additional fee will be applied).

Package Price – $150.00 Per Person. Payment Plans Available – $50.00 down at time of RSVP, remaining balance due 7 days prior to the event. 

This is going to be one of the hottest events in H-Town.  RSVP today to hold your space.  Space is limited and will be given on the 1st come, 1st served bases.

Leave a comment and Let us know who you would want to be.

LIVE Life…Be someone else sometimes..

Aerika Eshelle


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