Trying to Understand More…


Why did this dude last night get totally “Kanye’d”? Well there are two sides to every story…Read about it here.

If you watched Oscars you saw it. If you didn’t see it here.  Roger Ross Williams went up to accept his award for the Best Documentary-Short Subject, “Music By Prudence”. He proudly accepts the Oscar and within 15 seconds of speaking, you see Elinor Burkett, this “Mrs. Garrett-Facts of Life” looking chick beaugard her way on stage and steal his thunder. Thank God the orchestra was cued to shut her up! Really, lady?! And I think she was drunk or something…At least know what you’re gonna say if you’re gonna steal the lime light…LOL

So it got me wondering who is this dude and what was his movie about? Check it out below. Roger Ross Williams, you can have your 15 minutes with us. The Ladies support you and your work.

LIVE Life…and kick pushy people down.

Aerika Eshelle


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