Trying to Understand…


This Monique interview with Barbara Walters….

I love this chick, and am too excited that she did it real big last night and won herself an Oscar for her acting role in Precious, but after seeing this interview with Barbara last night, I’m not for sure what to think about her personal life.

Watch it below and leave your comments. 

I’m a little hurt that we as women feel it is okay to give these dudes a pass on stepping out on us.  Where has the sanctity of marriage gone?  Having an open marriage is not what I’ve envisioned for myself, but is this the norm now?  Why would you even get married?  Just do a forever engagement or live together like most people and do you!  

I just felt like this interview set independent women back a few centuries.  Stop letting these dudes do whatever whenever and force them to practice penis control .  It sounded to me like maybe Sidney has already stepped out and this was her way of feeling better about it.  The whole time I watched it, I felt like she was trying to explain it in such a way that she would eventually convince Barbara and herself that this was okay. 

Okay, so maybe it’s one of those cliche Hollywood things that make you stand out in public and get people talking.  Maybe it’s there little joke with each other and they do not act on the availability of other people,  because they really love each other and the option keeps the spice in the marriage.  So they don’t feel Obligated, but instead they want to be there?  Or maybe this was just an arrangement, like if I’m not married by 40 and you’re not married by 40, we’ll get married.  Either way, a dude needs to love you enough to act right in a marriage with you and you need to love yourself enough to not allow the b.s.  But I digress.

Is your man stepping out on you a deal breaker?  I don’t understand these Hollywood people nor do I understand everday dudes who think they can get away with this nonsense either.  But who am I?  I have no man and I live alone.  But I do know what I want out of my relationship with my future guy…and baby, that ain’t it.

LIVE Life…but don’t allow no B.S.

Aerika Eshelle


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  1. Like whoa!!! Open marriage? I’m with you – Why Get Married?!?!? Just be partners!!!!!!!!!!! Marriage involves vows. If you don’t want to keep them, don’t get married. Simple as that…No harm done.

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