Trying to Hang Out…


Red Carpet Style…The Oscars are on the horizon, airing Sunday, March 7th, and I wanted to share a few ways to kick it in style at your Oscar Party with the Girls.

To ensure you have an exciting watch party, prepare today and be the best hostess your friends have ever met. 

(1) Send your Evite! Go online and get the party started today!  They have the best designs and you can submit the location and provide a map to guests to your venue.

(2) Plan your menu.  What will you be serving your guests?  Here’s our ideas for a Premiere gathering.

Slumdog HotDog Station – Buy Buns, weiners, chili, cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard and relish for the ultimate feeding frenzy.

Revolutionary “Rocky” Road Brownies – Buy your favorite Brownie mix and  add walnuts, pecans or cashews to the mix.  Drizzle edible gold glitter flakes on top.  This will make a Festive treat!

Red Carpet Flame – Mix 12oz cup of Simply Lemonade with 2 shots of Malibu Cocunt Rum for a Bitter/Sweet drink.  It’s sure to be a Crowd Pleaser!

Red Carpet Fizzle – Mix a tub of lime sherbert with a half bottle of Sprite. This fizzy drink makes a great solution for all your non-alky friends.  One of my girls is prego 🙂

Pop the Champagne – If you can’t have Cristal, have the knock off called Cristalino.  It’s actually pretty good and you can get little 187ml bottles as gag gifts for your crowd.  Hey, we’re all about Fabulous on a budget.


(3) Plan your activites – What separates your event from just chilling at your house, to A Stellar Event, are the activities.  Come up with some ideas to keep the crowd interacting with you, each other and the tv.

BE THE ACADEMY – Print cards from here. Allow the crowd to vote on who they think will win before the awards start.  Tally which ones they got right as the show goes on.  After the show is over, see which guest guessed the most winners correctly.  Then….Give a Prize like this trophyYou can pick this up at your local Party City for $3.99.

Make Love it/Hate it Cards – During the Red Carpet, hand the crowd a card with each on it.  As the stars adorn the runway, have the guests vote for if they love the outfit or hate it.  These cards are best on card stock paper and you can find cute clip art in powerpoint.  Place them both on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock and cut down the center for two cards.  Look, you’re fun and economical!

Create Oscar TriviaGo here for actual trivia questions and ideas.  Get creative, but make it easy on your guests and create multiple choice answers.  Whoever wins gets a prize!  For the prize for this game, hit up the $1.00 bin at Target.  They always have cute trinkets and what nots for gifts.  I found little vases adorned with the TryingTwenties theme, LIVE…LAUGH…LOVE.

And save the most fun for last.  A DRINKING Game…Everytime one of the following happens, ask your crowd to take a drink.  If you have to work tomorrow, this may suck and you may have to be a designated driver…LOL

  1. When a TV celebrity is asked, “Who are you wearing?”
  2. Everytime someone Thanks their Agent or God.
  3. When a star’s speech last’s too long and the orchestra starts playing.

(4) Decorate – Find nominated movie art online at google images.  Type in the name of the film and “wallpaper”.  Save it and then size them on an 11 x 17 template in powerpoint.  Print them out on large paper and decorate your “screening room” with the movie art.    It adds a touch of flair and makes your guests feel like you went all out….LOL

(5) Enjoy – Get ready to host an extravagently cheap event.  Remember, hanging out with your girls and ragging on people’s dresses…Priceless!

Okay, so you are ready to party and deliver a Fabulously planned evening for you and  your friends!  If all else fails, tell them to bring the food and drinks to your crib….LOL

LIVE Life..And share it with your friends.

Aerika Eshelle.


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