Trying to Understand….


Everyone is NOT in Love….

This is my new belief, because, well….I live it everyday and have for the last 5 years.  I have not been in a meaningful relationship or met anyone of any caliber since 2005.  I’ve dated here and there, but I officially have NOT been swept of my feet. 

That’s why I am protesting Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  As I am forced by society to acknowledge and celebrate a day that is not  geared towards people like me, I have decided to come up with our own tradition.  As of today, The Trying Twenties Team is establishing a holiday for those of us ladies that do not have significant others.  As the unavoidable questions arise about your V-day plans and if there is anyone special sending you flowers or taking you out, the pressure of being a plus one should no longer sicken you as you reply, “No, but I got flowers from the people who love me most….My parents.”  

This inspired me to create a day just for us!  As I was shopping online for V-day gifts for my gal pals, or as Oopsie coined it, ‘Gal’entines, I came across TwinDreamCreations at Etsy.  They make a line of awesome glycerin soaps that celebrate love’s misfortune.  Join me ladies as we revel in the “Everyone is Not in Love” Holiday on February 13th.  When February 14th comes around, you just go on as if it were just another day. 

Our holiday embraces the single to mingle and those that are patiently awaiting on their soul mates.  I don’t have a date for tomorrow, but I do have an “Everyone is NOT in Love” Happy Hour with my girls.  Yeah, it may be a lame bitter excuse to coin a day just to make ourselves feel better, but I know many of you feel my frustration with February 14th. I’m not trying to take the love out of Valentine’s day.  In fact,  I want all the single ladies to take the “NOT in Love” day to learn to Love themselves, Love those that Love them…(Friends and Family), and realize that they are not forgotten…OR Cursed. 

We all wonder why our plans in Love  may not have worked out, especially as we enter our late Twenties and begin to teeter into our Flirty 30’s.  I think we have to remember that maybe HE is protecting us from the many foolish people out there that will never show us the respect we deserve, nor know how to love us in return.  We could be celebrating V-Day with an idiot that doesn’t care anything about us.  It has been my experience that everyone who’s married wishes for single days and those that are in commited relationships aren’t all that happy.  

Truthfully, the Grass is always Greener on the other side. We must learn to be excited and joyous in our current positions and be Thankful for the LOVE that surrounds us daily.  It’s just easier said than done on February 14th…LOL

HE Loves you!  And if you’re tired of hearing that, then The Ladies of Trying Twenties Love you!


Angel Elexa


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