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The recent devestation in Haiti has moved many a person to tears as we have watched fellow human beings suffer through this catastrophic earthquake.  It’s only been a few weeks ago, but I can only imagine that surviving through it must feel like an eternity. 

You have probably heard everyone from your family to the entertainment industry to religious figures voice their opinion on this horrifying occurence. It has even caused us to question what is valid and true. This particular crisis has brought about speculation that HE did this to prove a point to us.  Discussing with my friend Oopsie we concluded that when fear strikes us a human race, the tendency is to devise a reason for such events and certain people blame HIM for what they deem as punishment.  I have heard religious figures speak on this many times like New Orleans being devasted by the Katrina disaster, the Tsunami catastrophe in Indonesia, and even the terrorists attacks on our US soil during 9/11. 

It doesn’t matter where you are from, we have suffered as a whole.  Epic events in our generation have left us in dissaray and wondering if HE hears our prayers or if HE caused this event to get us to listen.  Through the destruction and pain that these events have caused, it makes us wonder why and how HE could allow this happen to HIS people.   

I have to continue to feel that, though I don’t know HIS plan for us, HE still brings the good out of the bad.  Though devestating and through the many deaths that have occured, we’ve seen countless miracles of rescue, lives sustained, the world coming together to provide aide, new beginnings and bigger blessings for those that have survived.  

I don’t know why things happen…they say it is all for a reason.  I just know it sucks not knowing at times, but I feel that is when we have to pull closer to HIM and make HIM listen to our heartfelt cries to be there with us during our most tragic times of need. 

I think the gospel community felt the same thing and in dedication to those in Haiti, Kirk Franklin and other artists blessed us ALL with a song that will speak to your soul.    Check out what Jeff Harrison at Magic 102 wrote and listen to the song below.  Even the title embodies what we feel during this adversity…..”Are You Listening?”

Donate $$ via text message:

1. Donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (Wyclef Jean’s Foundation) by texting “Yele” to 501501 (the amount will be charged to your cell phone bill) or visit www.Yele.org and click “Donate.”

2. Donate $10 through the U.S. Dept. of State to American Red Cross: text “HAITI” to “90999″ and $10 will be given automatically to the American Red Cross, charged to your cell phone bill. Or call (800) RED-CROSS.

LIVE Life…and help others do the same.

Angel Elexa


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  1. Awesome video and song. Thanks for sharing.

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