Trying to Get Out of the House…


Here’s some more events to keep you going, ladies.  You can not say that this year will be boring. There are events posting daily and between Angel, KeKe, and myself, we’ll be at most of them…At least until the money runs out….LOL 

Saturday, January 23

Texas Tequila Throw Down…Help more people in need and get your drink on, too!! Texas Tequila Throw Down puts 10 Texas-based tequila companies in competition and lets you decided which brand can make you hit the floor the quickest!! .  Sample and vote Saturday from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.   To participate,  help those in need, by donating a coat or blanket for Star of Hope.  This event is at Coffee Groundz in Midtown at 2503 Bagby.  It is sponsored by Bite Me Houston, a local blog featuring Houston food and drink.  Gotta be at least Trying 21 to participate…..1 tequilla, 2 tequilla, 3 tequilla, Floor!

Saturday and Sunday, January 30th and 31st

The Ensemble Theater at 2:30pm each day, Presents a new moving play called American Menu by Don Wilson Glenn.   “It’s May 1968, shortly after the murder of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a month before the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Five Black kitchen workers at a segregated lunch counter are forced to engage in painful self-examination brought about by the senseless death of a young boy. Through passionate conversations, these women face the realities of life on the cusp of change. Jammed in a hot, airless room they must battle prejudice, poverty, ignorance and each other as they search for inspiration.” 

Sounds good, right?  Support the Black Arts and keep them bringing new and innovative productions about history, life and the struggle.  You can’t purchase tickets online…I know, bummer.  But you can purchase by phone at 713-520-0055.   Of course we have a savings for you. 

Mention the Code TET33 and get a complimentary ticket.  The best  part is that if you see the show on the these dates, Tickets are only $12 bucks.  So get one for you and your boo!  It’s like only paying $6 bucks per ticket.  Love that Math!  Hurry and purchase soon..Offer expires January 30th.

3535 Main, Houston, TX 77002

Thursday, February 4th

Lunar New Year Party
 6:30 – 9 PM

A free mixer for UP@TUTS Young Professionals celebrating Miss Saigon and the Lunar New Year at Momentum BMW. Co-hosted by Yellow Magazine.   RSVP via email today at RSVP@yellowmags.com

Friday, February 12

….What?!  We are soooo gonna be there!  I have my shirt with his face on it and everything.  Tickets for standing room at the HOB start 47.20 (includes your fees), but this is a show you do not want to miss.  He keeps it going from start to finish and you will be thoroughly entertained.  “What’s my name, fool?”  You better be there.

House of Blues Houston Houston, TX at 8pm

Saturday and Sunday, April 3rd and 4th

Here is another support “your people” play.  It should be hiliarious.  It sounds like a version of “Why did I get married?” but within a family instead.  I’m going to go.  It for sure should be entertaining.   Call for your tickets today and you can get a complimentary ticket.  Use code TET33.  Offer ends January 30th.

If you see the movie on these dates in April, the tickets are $12 bucks since it is a preview!  You know we like Good and Cheap.  Hope to see you there.

Stick Fly @ the Ensemble Theater 2:30 pm
By Lydia Diamond
R/Adult Language

The LeVays, an affluent African American family, gather in their vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. Dr. LeVay, a respected neurosurgeon and hopeless philanderer, has two sons: one that has followed in his footsteps, and the other, who is a struggling novelist. Each son brings along his girlfriend to meet the family for the first time, resulting in confrontations about race, the economy and politics. The family ties rapidly unravel as tensions rise when secrets are revealed. Through lively exchanges and simmering wit, they tackle the challenges of family life and the changing world around them.
3535 Main, Houston, TX 77002


Remember, LIVE Life….and get out of the house!

Aerika Eshelle


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