Trying to Ring in the New Year…



This year of 2010, I want to personally speak blessings to each and everyone of you!  As wonderful ladies embarking on this journey called our Twenties, we need to surround ourselves with good people.  Family and plenty of your girls who love and support you should be apart of your repetoire to successfully get through your awesome accomplishments and your Trying issues over the next 365. 

Take the oath to show love, respect, concern, care, consideration, and christinity throughout the next year….to all those you love and EVEN hate….lol    I’m convinced that He will bless you for it.

Here are some of the goals our team will TRY to complete over the course of the next year.  Take the following challenges with us!

1. Try to get closer to Him – Ask for guidance, peace and blessings and ask to become the person you are supposed to be.

2. Try Something new – Take up learning a new instrument.  I’ve bought a guitar!  That should be exciting.

3. Try to meet new people –  Adding good people to your crew can be a blessing in disguise.  You never know when you’ll need help or will have to be of help to someone…..Moreso, you’ll be exposed to new ideals and of course, new places to kick it.

4. Try to travel – We are!  Get your girls together and plan a trip!  We are soooo thinking Italy this winter.

5. Try to read – Find a subject you are interested in and read up!  You never know what you’ll learn.  I’m personally into conspiracy theories in government and religion.

6.  Try to be Joyous in the life you have – Often times, I hear many of my single ladies complain about why dudes are so raggedy.  Let’s cut those dudes out of our lives and make room for someone awesome.  In the meantime, be not only happy, but Joyful in the single life.  There is nothing like picking up after yourself, eating cookies for dinner and kicking it until 2 a.m. on a weeknight.  Though we want the married life, let’s enjoy where we are while we are there!

Let us know your goals for the year!  Our team may try to adopt a few of yours!  I am determined to take this year on, embrace it and squeeze the life out of it.

Are you down?

LIVE Life, LAUGH About it, LOVE those who love you back…(no stalkers, please).

Angel Elexa


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