Trying to Get My Dance On…


The weekend is nearing and we want to send a SHOUT OUT to all the Ladies who love a Good Dance Song.  You know that song you can’t wait to hear when you’re in the club, or gets you live when you’re rolling in the car, or just a number that lifts your spirits on a bad day!  You know the one…..That has you singing like an idiot in the bathroom mirror.  Don’t act Brand New like you don’t know!

Don’t laugh, but this is our Jam, right here!  It’s cheesy, but we support the young, Hannah Montana and getting Grown, Miley Cyrus.  Do yo’ Thang, Ma!

Big ups on the Shout out to Jay-Z.  We love him!!

LIVE Life…Especially on Weekends, Baby!
Aerika Eshelle


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