Trying to Find Something to Do….


So, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a romantic at heart and TRULY love the idea of love and all that it could hope and mean with the correct person.

But Ladies, enough is enough and I’ve gotten a little lonely lately.  And just when I think my prayers will never be answered and just when I’m about to give up looking for a sign….I saw this!! 

……Something to do in the meantime …UNTIL my real true love comes along.  I mean,  seriously?!   Look at the pics, they look all happy and content spending time with a sexy somebody on their yacht.  Is it truly too much to ask for a guy with a little money that can take me out, wine and dine me, and make me feel special?  I don’t know about you, but KeKe and I are down for trying this.  What have we got to lose?!  Okay, dignity and integrity, but I might be desperate enough to deal with that….LOL  

We’ve only been with drug dealing, baby daddy, broke losers and then have the nerve to be too nice to tell them that they are losers.   4 years go by and you’re still with the loser wondering why you’re so darn accomodating and nice.  I tried eHarmony and still NO Match. (Just less in my bank account to pay for the fees to be on these sites).

I’m just sayin’…..I might need a Sugar Daddy.  What about you? 🙂  Take the poll below.

LIVE life…with a sugar daddy?

Angel Elexa


One comment

  1. I love ya, so you know I gotta vote for the last one. And, by the way, if we’re dreaming, let’s dream real big. Forget Pappadeaux. Take me to Mark’s or Da Marco. 🙂

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