Trying to Get Outta the House…


You already know we are going!  Come on now…..Dru Hill!!!  When have you heard anything from them in like 15 years?  Especially when Sisqo jumped ship, dyed his hair platinum and asked to see the thong. Gotta be in the place to see this one, Ladies.  You know I always had a crush on Big Dude. Grab your girls, your boo, your buddy, whoever and hit this concert up.  If you love the 90’s like we do, we’ll see you at the Arena Theater in H-Town tomorrow night. 

Ginuwine……Kci and Jo-Jo…..you know you we have followed these dudes for years.  I got to see Ginuwine aka Elgin Baylor Lumkin do my song “Last Chance”.  Ladies, he said “From a boy to a man….Like Barak had a plan.”   You know that chorus right there will melt your heart something serious.  Go…Enjoy….Stop being cheap and get outta the house!! I mean seriously, I’m sooo excited and nostalgic…it hurts.

For all ya’ll that can’t go, here’s a little piece of what you’ll be missing.

LIVE Life,

Aerika Eshelle


One comment

  1. We look forward to having you at this show! Hope you have a good time!

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