Trying to Get Outta the House…



Wednesday 11/25/2009
Doors: 07:30 PM
Show: 08:30 PM


House of Blues Houston
1204 Caroline Street
Houston, TX 77002
(888) 402-5837

We’ve got another deal for you! Trying Twenties is getting out the house and we want you join us.!

Ladies, Raphael Saadiq will be in H-Town on Wednesday, November 25th at the House of Blues.  We hear the concert is outstanding and that was from a person that said he was “just somewhat” a fan. We’re giving you access to him for about $20 bucks per ticket (including fees) with the Coke 2 for 1 code. When you buy your ticket through Ticketmaster.com, you’ll be able to add the password to your order. It’s the perfect Pre-Thanksgiving outing.  Aren’t you thankful for a cheap event?

If you even have to wonder who this awesome man is, then let me school you for two seconds.   All I will say is that this man helped rock the 90’s era with soulful R&B hits with major music groups Tony! Toni! Tone’!  and Lucy Pearl.   For those of us who love the 90’s, you remember their songs adding a little something to your mornings as you got dressed to go to school. 

Take your new boo, your old boy, your homey lover friend, whoever and enjoy!!  Tell him “I Wanna Dance Tonight” and then to “Lay Your Head on My Pillow” after the concert.  I bet he goes with you then 🙂

LOVE Life….and Get Out the House!!

Aerika Eshelle

Little known fact: Raphael Saadiq’s name is not the name his momma gave him.  His real name is Charlie Ray Wiggins and he is 43 years of age.


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