Trying to be Sexy…


Well, as young ladies, we don’t always see the beauty of cars like men. Today, however, we ran across this big piece of sexy and we had to show it some love.

Check out the New Ford Super Chief.  All the girls from the Country, say “Damn, That’s Hot!!” You know we cut for big trucks and this is officially the biggest, Ladies. We love our men in the south to have a little twang in their voice and to jump out of a big, black truck after he’s bad a hard day on the farm.

The Super Chief is definately what I want my Knight in Shining Armor to pull up in to sweep me off my feet. Forget the white horse.

Check out all of its features, cause it’s like driving around in your living room. Do you see the plasma’s and the recliners in what they call the back seat?!!
I’m just saying, find out the dude that drives this truck and you can introduce him to me. Criteria is he has to be OVER 6 feet and UNDER 300 pounds.

Engineers….I’m officially a Ford Truck Girl.

Keke “Ride or Die” Parker


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