Trying to be Supportive…


Ladies, the day has come and we have decided to extend our love and support for a fallen artist that made a public and horrible mistake. 


Let’s stop hating…His music is banging and we are going to his concert.  It just so happens that we live in the city that is the first stop on his tour….CHRIS BROWN IS COMING TO H-TOWN.  

What will he be singing…some old stuff, Fo’ Sho’.  But he does have a new song out, called I Can Transform Ya, featuring Little Wayne and Swizz Beatz.  Seems like the title should have been ‘Transform Me’…LOL

This tour is meant to thank all of his supportive fans that stuck by him in his and Rihanna’s memorable time of need last year.  Chris Brown, however, is not the only one that has moved on and made a new single.  As Chris Brown announces his Fan Appreciation Tour, Rihanna releases a new single, Russian RoulletteHear it Here.  If they can get passed it, so can we, right?!


I know, I know….he’ll be at the House of Blues Houston on Saturday, November 14th at 8pm.  Citi Presale and Live Nation member ticketing starts today at Ticketmaster

All my Chi-Town Ladies, can hit his concert up on Thursday, November 26, at 8:30 pm at your House of Blues Chicago.  Tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster for you on 10/22, if you are a CitiCard holder or Live Nation Member.

YOU KNOW YOU WANNA GO! Curiosity will kill you if you don’t.  

Ladies, tell us.  Will we see you there?

Remember, LIVE life and FORGIVE others…. 🙂



One comment

  1. I won’t go and it’s not because I don’t like his music (I LOVE IT!) and I am not mad at him for the thing with Rihanna (i.e. none of my business)because lately she’s proving to be a “a bit of character”. I just think there is going to be so many little “tweeny-boppers” there….that I would probably take a swan dive off the 2nd floor of the House of Blues before I even got in the door. My nerves are just way too bad in my advanced age (smile). Be careful and take earplugs (smile).

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