Trying to be Cute…


I know I’m cute!!  And you should know you are cute too!  Knowing is half the battle and doing is the other when you’re in your Trying Twenties.  You may have met some people in your life time who weren’t crazy about your looks, but you should love your face, body and booty, no matter what.  Work what your momma gave ya!  She made you from scratch!  So flaunt it respectfully and be Grown and Sexy.

Sign up to be the next face of E.L.F.  They are looking for cuties in our age range and who knows, this could be your opportunity to get back at that dude who said you would never be Glamorous.  Might as well try!!  If not, use it as an excuse to get Fabulous and take some Flirty pics of yourself. 



Remember, We think you are Fabulous.  Never let anyone take your Fabulosity away from you!

LIVE Life,

Aerika Eshelle


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