Trying to Keep My Head Up….


And not just shake my head in disbelief…You’ll see!!

This goes out to “All My Single Ladies”. The next time someone blatantly and judgementally asks you “Why are you not married yet?”

I want you get grown woman on them and nice-nastily say “I’m not married yet because all the single dudes seem to be marrying each other.”

2 dudes
If you haven’t seen it yet, see it here. Jamil and Michael tied the knot earlier this month and the pictures circulated quick!! I mean seriously, if they can find love, seems like I could to and do it big at my wedding…..But I’m Just Sayin’. Me and Jesus gonna have to have a good, long talk! I mean, why the wifey dude’s hair looks better than mine?!

I’m not really hating on them because I believe in the “Do You” philosophy of life. And I truly feel that love is hard to find.  When you do find love, no one should  dare judge it.

But FOR REAL….The only dudes I get are named Raggedy and these dudes get to have a bomb ass wedding.

I think my sista’s in this picture really get what I’m saying here. Get your vote on below and tell us what you think they thought about being these dudes’ bridesmaids. It would’ve been tough for me to accept this duty. What about you?!


LIVE Life and LOVE those who love you back.  SURELY…There is someone for us, Ladies!



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