Trying to Take a Stand….


Okay, it’s KeKe time.  I’m coming at ya’ll hard today over some c0ntroversy in the news.  Ya’ll have all heard that Obama wants to address our nation’s children next week and that many parents are enraged, public schools are forced to send home permission slips to allow the kids to watch, while some teachers have been allowed to choose whether or not to tune in to the speech at all. 


Well, I’m so up high on my soap box that I’m about to fall over, but before I do you’re about to get a word. 

I can’t believe that we as a nation would not support our president.  There have rude reports that he is going to brainwash your precious babies and lead them to take over the world. 

Seriously?!  Thank GOD he wants to address your bad ass BeBe’s kids.  The importance of education will help stimulate a future of responsible, compassionate citizens that will care about our world and their country.  You let your kids be influenced my way more than the president and you think he’s out to do your kids harm.  That devilish music your grunge teenager worships on his IPOD ain’t cute, nor is the tween who watches too much Disney Channel and back talks you, or the pregnant 14 year old girl who is trying to not drop out of school, or the children who bully each other constantly to where they bring guns to school and shoot up your raggedy kid. 

You ought to be Thankful that the President Elect is taking some interest in the children that are Our Future.  Because I tell you right now, I’ve taught school and the Future is Bleak.   You can bitch all you want about, “I teach my children about what’s important in life at home.”  Well, my momma always said that you can’t have certain principles reinforced enough.   You know you got to stay on your kids to just clean their room and do their homework.  How many times do you reiterate the importance of those things….like everyday, 3 times a day?   Then, let the President help you, your kids, and their teachers who are at wits end with them. 

Now obviously, if your kid is an angel, then I’m not talking to you.  But chances are, you think that kid is an angel and he’s hell on wheels when he’s not around you.  I hope President Obama tells all the kids to sit down, shut up and learn!! The world is hard enough out there as it is without any extra ignorance on your child’s part.

Get it together people!!  You are so destined to make this dude fail that you are going to hurt the people that mean the most to you.  Watching a child fail is the hardest thing for a parent, teacher, school system,  and society.  And instead of supporting someone trying to do a good thing, you’d rather support your child’s total obliviousness to authority.  ‘Cause you’re right…”Can’t Nobody Tell My Child Nothing.”  We’ll see how you feel when your child didn’t get anywhere in life because they ignored the importance of their education.  The crystal meth addict child that steals money out of your purse, the daughter that runs away and becomes a prostitute (stipper…whatev), or even it’s just the child that’s just a lazy person and lives with you on your sofa until he’s 40.  These are extreme, but take charge and some authority over these raggedy kids and their insolence.  Welcome some help from your President, the teachers and the school districts.  These people are not your enemies and their job is tough enough without you being bitchy to them about how the school system has failed your child.  Stop blaming everything and everyone but you and your kid.  They learned from the best…They learned from watching you!!

I’m out.  I’ve spoken my peace.   

Live life….And take a stand.  If I were a kid today, I would feel honored that the President wants to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me.  Clinton never did that shish… Remember, Barack is our Boo….Don’t mess with him.




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