Trying to Not Get Involved….


But, ooooohhhh, it is just too juicy to not be!

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  And if you don’t, you gotta get with the program.  The show I’m speaking of is The Real Housewives on Atlanta. 

Which RHWA are you?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I’ve been hooked ever since last year when this bunch of divas hit the scene in 2008.  I originally thought, I can not get up in anymore mess that does not involve my life.  But that quickly changed as I watched a RHWA marathon last year to ring in the Season Finale Interview Show.  After watching 8 straight episodes, I was engrossed in these women’s lives…AND I was upset that my cable company had cut access to BRAVO that year.  I missed out on this?!  Too Angry. 

Anyways, we had a Watch party last night with the girls, to bring Season 2 back.  My friend even made a “Welcome Back RHWA” cake to commemorate the event.  We, of course, had to revisit that hot travesty of a reunion show where Kim told everyone that she had cancer….and then she took it back.  NeNe got loud with Kim and Sheree and Lisa put in her two cents on it all, while poor DeShawn just kinda sat there.  Guess that’s why she is not on the new episodes for Season 2.  I guess she couldn’t keep up enough mess for the ratings.  Sorry,D.  You were cool in our book. 

We then back doored the reunion episode (to refresh our memories of all the drama) with The Lost Footage.  High-Larious…..NeNe made constant attempts to shame Kim about Big Poppa and told her to “Close your legs to married men.”  Then told her “Stop sleeping with that woman’s husband.”  Whoa!! All this, while lil’ Lisa tried to hold NeNe back from whooping up on Kim.  DRAMA!!! Funny how we don’t want to condone it, but we love it.  It’s like watching a train wreck, passing by a car accident and staring, and smelling sour milk that’s been in the fridge too long…you just can’t help it.

After watching the first episode of Season 2 last night, this season is going to be interesting. They have a new character Kandi (known for singing with Xscape) and she don’t play!  It seems NeNe may have met her match this season.  And poor Kim is still aimless and wigged up.  Sheree got kicked out of her house and Lisa wants another baby.  But the best part of the night was the fight between Sheree and her party planner.  He got loud and stupid and started talking about people’s mama’s.  It was all blown out of proportion and of course was a hot, hideous mess.

Ladies, we can all identify with these women’s lives, families, careers, friendships, stresses, and everyday dramas.  I just ask that in your Twenties, you will take the positive attributes from the women and learn how to conduct yourselves.  Learn what to do and what NOT to do from the show.   Trying Twenties is all for starting your own businesses, giving back to the community, being there for your loved ones….but remember to do it Fabulously and with class, dignity, respect and integrity.  Keep it real…but don’t make too many people cry.

You’ve been briefed, now tell us which RHWA you are? Take our Poll below.


Wanna know who your Trying Twenties Team identifies with? Check us out!

Angel – I’m definately a DeShawn. Though she is not on the episode anymore, I really applauded her ability to keep composed in certain situations and I admire the desire she had to better herself and learn other things besides stirring up mess.  But she did all of this while still being Fabulous.

Keke – I’m a NeNe because I likes to keep it real and I don’t give a damn who hears me.  I’m sorry, people think we are rude and inconsiderate, but come on.  Sometimes you got to  be told.  I love NeNe, she gets down to business, but she also knows how to be ghetto fab, yet Flirty.

Aerika – I’m definately a Lisa.  I’m Trying to run a business, get into real estate, one day have a fine husband who is by my side constantly, and still be Fun.

LIVE life, LAUGH about it, LOVE those who love you back.

 The Trying Twenties Team – Fabulous.   Flirty.   Fun.


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